Jet Kayaks Get You Out There And Back

So you love kayaking and it makes for the perfect fitness regime. But what if your kayak was also powered by a jet motor to propel you through the water while you went exploring, fishing, or checking out the wildlife along the coast? These Kayaks can go as fast (up to 40km) or as slow as you like.  Jet kayaks are ideal for exploring in the wild untamed west coast, or for fishing in the beautiful inlets or going up one of the many exciting rivers or tributaries.  You can look at the native fauna and flora, or see some amazing birds.  They have a range of 100km on one tank of fuel so are extremely cost effective. Not only are the kayaks easy to operate, they come on a trailer so you can go anywhere you like.  The kayaks are affordable, fuel efficient, and provide the ultimate water experience. There are storage facilities on these sit-on kayaks, so you can keep your camera or your lunch dry and there’s room for your fishing gear too!

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