Villas In Alibaug Gaining Popularity

Alibaug, the 20-minute-away-paradise, is slowing gaining popularity amongst Mumbaikers who want to get away from the city for a weekend and avoid a two hour journey out of town. Situated just across the Mumbai harbour, from Gateway of India, Alibaug and Mandwa offer the perfect weekend holiday destination for friends and family! Boutique villas and holiday homes make for an ideal stay if one is seeking privacy and wants to avoid a hotel or resort. From spa treatments to beach games, sailing, water sports, or island trips on a luxury yacht, this place is close by and high on fun if you love the beach life and want to explore creeks and fishing villages around Mumbai. Book a speedboat and reach in 20 minutes flat, or enjoy a leisurely sail across the harbour with family and friends. We will soon feature attractive packages combining stay and recreation in our season opening e-newsletter in September, stay tuned!

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