The coast has much to offer, and when you set sail to explore the harbour or venture out along the coastline, pay a visit to these beautiful villas that offer the best in luxury, or drop in at the simple home stays for a taste of the local way of life in breathtakingly beautiful coastal towns and villages!

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Click on the Properties below for various packages:

  1. Ekaanté Villas, Alibaug
  2. Akshay’s Bungalow, Alibaug
  3. Ccaza Ccomodore Luxury Villa, Mandwa Alibaug
  4. Drisl Villa – Nagoan, Alibaug
  5. Golden Swan Beach Resort, Murud
  6. Goldfield Lake Resort, Kumarakom
  7. Ghanvatkar Bunglow Resort, Alibaug
  8. Hotel Sea View, Alibaug
  9. Bohemian Blue, Mandwa Alibaug
  10. Kaivalya Farms, Nagaon
  11. Kumar Wadi Farm, Revdanda
  12. Nerurkar’s Blue Heaven Beach Resort
  14. Prasanna, Alibaug
  15. RKs Villa, Kashid
  16. Saadechar Anandvan, Alibaug
  17. Sagar Tarang Beach Resort, Alibaug

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