Introducing To You Our Next Hangout – Mandwa!

What makes Mandwa, located across the Gateway of India, Mumbai a great hangout? Proximity, it’s just twenty minutes away by speed boat and forty-five minutes by ferry! Activities, Mandwa definitely offers the unusual and out of the ordinary. Accessible by anyone on all days in a week – with budgeted packages to extreme luxury – everyone’s invited! So what are you waiting for? Pack a change of clothes and get on to a boat! Mandwa and Alibaug are not as far away as you think and deliver a variety of entertainment if you want to get away from the busy city life but return back to it in a jiffy.

Whether you want to laze around like a beach bum or whether you’re a water sports junky, as soon as you get off the Mandwa jetty, there’s something on offer for everyone! Here’s what our peeps have to say on visiting Mandwa:

Aroba: “I’m a real foodie! I was tired of Sunday brunches in the city and was craving something authentic. One of my friends suggested a day trip to Mandwa & Alibaug. The ride by ferry took 45 minutes one way but we were entertained by seagulls and the beautiful sparkling sea on the upper deck! Since the ferry had an air-conditioned cabin space the ride was comfortable. We visited a shack there and had some simple but delicious malwani food. We headed back to the jetty and took the 45 minute ferry back home. It was an afternoon well spent and I would love to do it again!”

Aditya: “My friend has a bungalow in Alibaug. We decided to visit but not use the bungalow, instead we spent the whole day on the beach. We cooked butter chicken on a wooden fire on the beach and napped there too. We went by speed boat and were there in 20 minutes! We took along a beach umbrella, tent and chairs. We could see the city in the horizon but felt so lucky to be away from it! The cool breeze and the peaceful atmosphere, no noise and no stress of parking made it the perfect hang out with friends.”

Kallol: “My kids love to swim and they love the beach but here in Mumbai the beaches are so dirty and crowded, one has to be a member of  a club to enjoy any such activities. Mandwa has truly been a great discovery for me. I go kayaking with my kids and its very convenient. Once you get off the jetty, the water sports facility is within walking distance. You have to call and book a day in advance. They offer jet skis and banana boat rides too besides kayaks. Off late I have seen kite surfers and water sports junkies there too. There are many resorts and hotels so you can also stay overnight. Even if I spend half a day over there, I return back completely energised and refreshed, and the kids love it too!”


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Yezdi: “I took up the Colaba Sailing Club lifetime membership which is very affordable @ INR 25k I think. I can book sailboats and go sailing with my friends anytime. Up to 3 friends can join me as it is a small boat. Sailing to Mandwa takes 1.5 to 2 hours but I generally sail within the harbour only. I have friends who are members and we will shortly plan a group sail to Mandwa – that should be fun! The club also organizes many regattas and events where you get to meet many sailors and pick up some useful tips on sailing from them! So even if I am not spending the whole day sailing, just one or two hours out in the harbor is a real change for my body, mind & soul.”

Mukul: “The ultimate luxury I have experienced is spending an afternoon on a yacht! My friend booked a luxury Motor yacht and we cruised the Mumbai Harbor to Mandwa. The yacht was anchored there for a couple of hours. The yacht has a swim platform so you can go swimming or jet skiing and its fun because the water is cleaner. Or you can just relax on the yacht and party. There are boutique villas that one can book. The amenities offered are better than or as good as 5star resorts. If you are planning a party and want to do it in style, it doesn’t get better than this!”

Khyati: “I have spent many weekends with my family in Alibaug and it’s been fabulous every time. It’s so calm and relaxing and so convenient. The kids run and play freely, it’s very safe. The food here is homely and I never feel I am too far away. I think that is the best part about it. Alibaug is like a quick escape through a magical passage. Life is always better by the beach and members of all age groups enjoy it to the fullest! I am a writer and for me the beach can be the best inspiration no matter what the weather. My husband is a musician and he shares my views about this place. It always tops our list whether we want to hangout with friends or spend time with family.”

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