Fishy Gifts! New Ideas for Corporate Gifting

A fishing trip with fishing tackle gifts can be the perfect present for anyone. Whether they have been fishing for years or have just started, there’s always something that they need or could do with. Having the right fishing clothing is just as important as having the right fishing tackle and really can make a difference. A cap and jacket with lots of useful pockets to sort small items of fishing tackle comes in handy. Find the complete range of fishing & angling items with Casa Ibrahim. From fish hooks, fishing lines and lead sinkers, they have it all and will help you choose the perfect gift!

The range of fishing & and angling gear and the brands offered by Casa Ibrahim include:

  • Rods –


  1. Spinning Rods
  2. Casting Rods
  3. Popping Rods
  4. Fly Rods
  5. Trolling Rods
  6. Surf Rods
  • Reels –
  1. Spinning Reels
  2. Surf Spinning Reels
  3. Saltwater Trolling Reels
  4. Low Profile Baitcasting Reels
  5. Multiplier Reels
  • Rod & Reel Combos
  • Fishing Lines –


  1. Braided Lines
  2. Monofilament Lines
  3. Leader Lines
  • Lures –


  1. strike pro
  3. Duel Salty Rubber 60g
  4. cassan lures
  • Soft Baits –
  1. soft shrimps
  2. TENKI Soft Bait Fish

  • Fishing Hooks –
  1. Mustad Treble Hooks
  2. Mustad Beak Baitholder Hooks Classic
  3. Mustad O’Shanghnessy Hooks Classic
  4. Duel H.D. Hook Chinu


  • Spinners –
  1. ALPHA Spinners
  2. Squid Fishing Jigs


  • SPOONS –
  1. GT BIO


  • Rigs & Rigging Accessories


  • Fishing Tools –


  1. Fishing Pliers
  2. Fish Lip Gripper
  3. Fishing Gaff


  • Accessories –


  1. Fishing Head Lamp
  2. Hand Castors
  3. Tackle Box


Phone : 0832-2512643
Mobile: 09822127186
Contact person: Mr. Nasir Shaik.

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