SS Marine Introduces Rodman Range Of Yachts In India

Founded in 1974, the Rodman Group is one of the longest-standing European companies in its sector. With over 14,000 vessels sold, the company is the undisputed leader in the nautical industry in Spain. Its success can be attributed to its renowned dependability and quality, its vessels’ unmatched navigability, and the most diversified line-up of boats in the industry.  Rodman has reached such a diversified product offering due in part to its ability to adapt to ever-changing customer needs and the requirements of specific buyers and markets, whether they are individuals, professionals, or official organizations. The company is divided into three major sectors: steel ships, professional boats, and recreational vessels. This makes Rodman one of the most diverse ship builders in the world – with products ranging from professional fishing and cruising boats, to sports and defence boats. Rodman’s shipyards produce patrol boats up to 100 feet long and steel ships of up to 560 feet in length. They also produce fishing boats of more tan 120 feet in length, sailing boats like the “Rioja de España” for the American Cup competition, and recreational vessels for three lines: Rodman Muse, Rodman SPIRIT, or Rodman Fisher & Cruiser.

The Rodman Group operates four factories spread out across Spain and Portugal. With over 2,500,000 square of operating space, the company boats the country’s largest industrial space of their sector. The facilities also contain state-of-the-art technological advancements, quality control measures, security features, and green-manufacturing machinery. These resources for product development and construction is the reason that Rodman aims to expand internationally and reach up to 90% export rates in the short term.  The Rodman family of companies is comprised of MetalShips & Docks, S.A.U. in Vigo, Spain; Rodman Polyships, S.A.U. and Neuvisa, S.A. in Moaña, Pontevendra; and Rodman Lusitania, in Valença do Minho, Portugal.

The Rodman MUSE range
Since November 2006, when the first model of this range was launched, Rodman with designer Fulvio de Simoni, have developed a complete range of yachts: the Rodman MUSE range which stretches from 44 feet to over 100 feet. Within less than three years, four models were launched on the leisure boat market: the Rodman Muse 44, 50, 54 and 74.  The shipyard is currently working on the launching of the new version of the Rodman Muse 44 during the 2013-2014 season. This new boat will be presented worldwide at the Düsseldorf Boat Show 2014 and at the Miami Boat Show 2014.

New version of Rodman MUSE 44: A new version of this yacht will be launching during 2014. This is a unique model in its length, equipped with IPS 500 by Volvo Penta, and with an inside layout offering an owner’s cabin and two guests’ cabins with twin bed configuration. Without doubt, this is the model, with the best value for money on the market in this segment.

Rodman MUSE 50: The ultimate model in this range was launched in 2009. With 15.30 meters length and 4.70 meters of beam, these dimensions offer a boat, where both, external an internal spaces, become a luxury in itself.

Rodman MUSE 54: this model was the first of this range. The combination of design, functionality and performances is perfect. Last year, Rodman presented this model with IPS by Volvo Penta, and this year as a new option, present the possibility to install in this model the IPS 900. With this new version, the boat is able to achieve 34 knots of maximum speed. The improvement in performance, seaworthiness, manoeuvrability and comfort;   will satisfy the most exigent owners.

Rodman MUSE 74: the flagship of the range. A semicustom yacht, which offers several options to the owner: different materials, different layouts, different colours for the hull etc. The Rodman Muse 74 is a great boat that offers the advantages of bigger boats with a price of the smaller ones.  The Rodman Muse range has enabled Rodman to earn a position within the worlds top shipbuilders for the Spanish Leisure Boat Industry. Since the day the first yacht of this range was launched in 2006, the Rodman MUSE range has received a fantastic welcome on the leisure boat market.

During the “World Yacht Trophies” back in 2007, the most prestigious awards in the leisure boat industry, the Rodman MUSE obtained the “Development Award” for the best world expansion corporate project. During the awards ceremony which took place in Cannes, the Rodman Muse 54 was shortlisted three more times in the following categories: Best Exterior Design, Best Innovation and Best Interior Design. The Rodman Muse 74 being the second yacht of the Muse range to be completed during the summer of 2007, was first exhibited at the Barcelona Boat Show where the yacht was presented as one of the main new projects worldwide. At this boat show, the third model; the Rodman MUSE 44, was also presented as one of the main outstanding yachts within its length.

In 2008, the Rodman MUSE 54 was also shortlisted by the “Motor Boat of the Year Awards 2008”. During the 2008 WYT (World Yacht Trophies), the Rodman MUSE 74, was shortlisted in the Best Interior Design category.  All of the prizes awarded to the Rodman Muse range enhance the prestige of the brand which is based upon the good reputation of the Rodman Group. Thanks to this range, the Spanish shipyard is present in the five continents and in more than 50 countries. It progresses towards achieving the objectives of the corporate strategies: the expansion towards new international markets, the development of new models which will complete the Rodman Muse range and the increase of its production capacity.

The New Rodman SPIRIT Line
The Rodman SPIRIT line is the most recent addition to the Rodman family of vessels. It is an innovative line that has already shown an impact in its segment. Designed to be versatile and affordable, the SPIRIT line was inspired by the idea of exploration and freedom. One of its most unique features lies on its state-of-the-art design by the renowned Italian designer, Fulvio de Simoni, and the technical team at Rodman, a team that has yet again conceived a unique and engaging design. Characteristic of its new design, its vertical bow, optimizes the spaces and adds volume while giving the SPIRIT its own unique style.
The Rodman SPIRIT 31 is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative boats within its segment, and has drawn incredible interest at boat shows in the past. Its success can be attributed in part to a configurable stern and tremendous living space for a boat of its size.  This models also boast of an open version of the Rodman SPIRIT 31 Hard Top.  The Rodman SPIRIT 42 is the largest within the SPIRIT line. Thanks to its dimensions and design, this vessel has stood out among competitors. It invites buyers to enjoy its ample deck and spacious interiors. In addition, the use of the Volvo Penta IPS and its propulsion system gives it incredible maneuverability and navigation, benefiting also from improved speed, acceleration and autonomous control compared to other traditional systems.

Rodman Fisher & Cruiser Series:

The new Rodman’s range “Fisher & Cruiser Series” takes over from the traditional fisher-cruising range, mostly the source and key piece of Rodman’s success as Spain’s leading manufacturer of sport boats. This range, with 10,000 boats manufactured by the Galician shipyard including several upgrades and technological adjustments throughout 40 years, is the best representative of the brand’s essence in its long evolution process, and has bestowed Rodman the prestige and the authority and trust as “True Sea Experts” it has earned in the sector and among its clients.

The new “Fisher & Cruiser Series” introduces restyling and updating of the six lengths it comprises: 810, 870, 940, 1040, 1170 and 1250. This restyling consists in adding new and better finish and some structural changes which are translated into larger spaces and more comfort, thus creating more value for the clients and a new offer for the more demanding market it is addressed to.  This redefined offer aimed at satisfying a new and stronger demand seeks to adjust to Rodman’s current market, which has become wider and more globalised over the last few years. This has been accomplished through the introduction of two versions for each of the models, one basic and another “Advanced”, each equipped in a different way, and two kinds of finish to cover all demands in the fisher-cruising, adventure and family-friends segment. This brings about better adjustment to more specific demands: one rather oriented to a “cruise-type” navigation and another to fisher-type tastes, in terms of the predominant use the vessel is meant for. This new development has been possible thanks to the capacity, leadership and experience of the shipyard and to its team of people.

A commitment to quality: The RQS
Its spirit of ongoing improvement has led the Rodman Group to develop its own internal quality system, to ensure maximum quality of its sport and leisure crafts: The Rodman Quality System (RQS). This system focuses on exhaustive control of production materials and processes and rigorous at-sea tests for each unit. This ensures the highest quality on delivery a Rodman craft and guarantees conditions that are unbeaten in the marketplace: 5 years of guarantee against osmosis and 10 years guarantee against structural damages.
Rodman has announced the appointment of SS Marine as their authorised dealer for the state of Goa, India. This paves the way for the leisure boat ranges of Rodman to be present in one of the most potential growing markets worldwide. Rodman is already present in India, thanks to the high speed patrol boats recently delivered to the Indian government.

SS Marine has its facilities in the region of Goa, the most developed nautical region of India. Through its facilities in Goa and strategic tie-ups across the country SS Marine provides excellent service across a range of areas: maintenance, after sales services, boat rental and consultancy. SS Marine is a young company started with an aim to promote and develop motor boating, sailing and watersports in India and offers a wide variety of products. The addition of the Rodman range allows SS Marine to be present in the Luxury Yacht Segment, thereby complimenting and enriching its product offering in the boating market in India.

Rodman Polyships S.A.U,
Pol. Ind. De Borna,
36955 Meira Moaña,
Tel.: +34 986 393 964

Contact Information
SS Marine,
Reg. Office: 2/714/A, Anandi Niwas,
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Goa- 403802
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