A New Rig & Sail Plan For Seabirds In India

XS Marine brings you their latest development in SEABIRD sailing. Over the last two years they put in a considerable amount of time and effort in developing a Sloop rig for the SEABIRD Class of sailing boats, i.e. the XS63 Rig & Sail plan. All the existing Seabirds can now be retrofitted with this new Rig & Sail plan! FULMAR II one of the first of the ‘Mark 3 Seabirds’ built in 1987/88 has been retrofitted by XS Marines with the new XS63 Rig & Sail. Her owner was keen to have a modern sloop rig and his constant requests were one of the key factors in proceeding with this new innovation…

The XS63 Rig and Sail Plan has been designed  by a Naval Architect commissioned by XS Marines  on the recommendation of friends from North Sails.  Based on the drawings, the sail plan of the existing Seabird and the locally available Lightning mast extrusion developed by XS Marines for the Lightning Class in India,  the Naval Architect was requested to design the new Mast Rig and sail plan using these existing resources. Captain Homi Motivala, the North Sails representative, suggested we go for an ultra modern rig – Flat Top sails, Jenniker, furling Jib and taking all this into account the XS63 Rig & Sail Plan was developed.

We are confident that this innovation will add a new dimension to Seabird sailing in the near future. For more information get in touch with XS Marines today!



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Sant Savta Road
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Phone: 0222 3701418
Email: xs.marines@gmail.com
Website: www.xsmarines.com

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