Buying A Boat? Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes

If you’re buying a boat for the first time, little oversights you make today could end up causing years of aggravation, safety risks, or added costs. It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement that you jump into a deal that is either a little too good to be true or just not everything it’s cracked up to be. So, before opening your wallet and making that plunge, be sure to do your research, and take this common boat-buying mistakes into account.

1. Not buying for your needs: Plunking down thousands of dollars for the wrong type of boat is a surprisingly common boat-purchasing mistake. Before you even think about what type of boat you want, try to have a clear and realistic view of what you intend to use it for. Will you want to travel long distance with it? Will you be heading out to deep water? Are you going to use it primarily for fishing, relaxation, or water sports? All of these are important factors to consider. Also think about how many people you hope to be able to transport in your boat.

2. Buying right away: It’s understandable to get caught up in the excitement of buying a boat. After all, it’s an exciting thing. But if you jump on the first deal you come across, you may end up missing out some great deals that you didn’t even know about. There are many different types of boats, and some of them are only available from very specific manufacturers. Take the time to do all the appropriate research, and you may end up feeling relieved that you didn’t take that first offer. And if you do go back to that first offer, you’ll be able to do so with assurance.

3. Spending too much: Boats are a great investment, but consider how often you’re going to use it. If you think you’re probably only going to take it out on the water a few times per year, then it would be a little silly to invest in one of the more expensive ones on the market. On the other hand, if you’re confident that you’re going to be using it regularly for years to come, it can’t hurt to splurge a little bit.

4. Getting unnecessary features: Modern boats come with all sorts of fancy amenities that are meant to enhance the boating experience. In reality, though, many of these things end up going unused. So, again, think about how exactly you plan to use your boat, and only get those features that are going to directly contribute to your boating experience.

5. Forgoing the warranty: If you’re buying from a seller that you don’t know and trust, it’s important to get some sort of guarantee that you’re going to be happy with your boat, and that it’s not going to fall apart. Buy from a company or seller who will give you a warranty of at least two years, and if you’re getting a used boat, make sure that it’s had all the necessary work done to bring it up to speed.

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