Detailing For Yachts With Meherab Vakil

We’ve all heard of detailing for cars, Meherab Vakil now introduces it for yachts! Get your boats looking spick and span, just the way they did when you first purchased them. Maintenance companies offer antifouling and all kinds of protection for the exterior of your boat, but what about the other areas? The interiors, the carpets, the seats and the machinery all need a bit of a scrub to complete the yacht’s sparkly new look. Detailing is all about making your automobile, be it a plane, yacht, helicopter, car or bike, look brand new, inside out! This service is used before shows and events or special occasions and meetings, to make the automobile spectacular and eye catching! When an automobile is affected by the degrading effects of time and suffers environmental aging due to harsh atmospheres or improper care, detailing helps reverse the effects of these elements and time to make your automobile look like it did when you first lay your eyes on it… and sometimes even better!

Meherab Vakil got into detailing thanks to his driving passion to make cars look their best. His personal love towards the automobile segment furthered his interests. Call it the Parsi instinct but his natural inclination towards keeping his cars flawlessly clean, looking astonishingly new – consistently, got him to take it up as a business!  Owners of all kinds of automobiles are always fond of and have a personal connection with their prized possessions. When they want to flaunt them to the world, detailing helps! It preserves them for years to come and also reflects well on the owner, that he has class and not just the money. To own a luxury automobile is one thing and to have it looking its best always is quite another.

While detailing, every single nook and corner of the yacht is cleaned – exterior and interior. Use of different methods and techniques along with imported products and machinery for cleansing is used. Work orders are custom made according to the client’s needs, requirements and their budget. The amount of time taken depends on the work at hand. The products used are all imported from the UK, Germany, Italy and USA. No compromise on quality is ever made, a mixture and combination of many products have to be used for many different types of materials, surfaces and finishes during detailing. Techniques change as every task is unique in detailing.

Many clients always want to know a min and max quote. The automobile is first examined along with what is required to get done and then a quotation is given. To give an example, let’s say the interior sofas or sitting area of a small yacht need to be cleaned, disinfected, conditioned and protected. This would cost an approximate of INR 8000/-.  Or in the case of a new automobile, where the client wants to protect the new seats only, the cost changes accordingly. There are so many different types of protection applications; they have a range of their own. These are recommended on the basis of the client’s usage of the automobile and how long he intends to keep it. Hence it is always better to examine and then guide clients to what would suit their automobile and their pockets for best results!

Anytime is a good time for detailing! It is preferable that the automobile be parked in a shed or a nice workable area to make the work easier and less time consuming. Incase of yachts, Meherab has worked on two of them while they were out on the waters. Here are a few images of the cars he has worked on:

For more information contact Meherab directly on:

VC for MV Auto Detailing

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