Lake Pavana, Your Weekend Destination From Pune & Mumbai

Pavana is the site of the Pavana Dam, 26KM from the hill station of Lonavala. It is fast becoming a famous spot for adventure sports and is also where the Tung Fort is located. A lazy drive brings you to the crystal clear lake in between magnificent hills. The water is clean and you can smell the freshness infused in the air around it! Wild flowers and dried tall grass create the perfect picture for an artist’s canvas and nature lovers alike. Boating, hiking, photography, paragliding, kayaking are popular activities found at the lake. Pavana makes a perfect outing for tired city souls. Indulge at the restaurants serving local delights… spend a day at a resort or camp out in tents at night with activities like star-gazing, bonfires, barbeques, and more! Check it out…

Pavana Lake is an artificial lake brought into existence by the Pavana dam. A picturesque sight, the Pavana Lake, along with the Pavana Dam offers much-needed solitude and some peace and quiet! The Pavana Lake is not a crowded place like Lonavale. Tucked away around 19 kilometers somewhere inside Kamshet, the Pavana Lake makes for a tiny getaway in Kamshet. Pavana Lake is fast gaining popularity among the locals, most of who are looking for a quiet weekend getaway, with friends and family. A popular picnic spot, the areas around the Lake and the Dam can often be seen teeming with families out on a pleasantly sunny morning, enjoying the view and munching on the loot in the picnic basket.

If you’re looking to go beyond the Pavana Lake and wish to explore the areas in and around there, you will find the forts of Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi ostensibly visible from the Lake. Make your way to either of the forts and enjoy a piece from our country’s history, set against the backdrop of the lush Pavana Lake and the areas around it. While locals flock to this area at any time of the year, most of the tourists from the other parts of the country usually visit during the months of monsoon or immediately after.

Its ideal for a day trip but there are plenty of resorts and hotels for a night over. If resorts and hotels appear boring and you are seeking to rough it out with overnight camping, stargazing, bonfires and barbecues, visit and also

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