Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Water Sports, Yacht Parties & Sailing

Did you know that love was born in the deep blue sea? Yes. The mythologies of the WORLD confirm it. From Venus to Laxmi, the goddesses of love, beauty, wealth and prosperity all sprung from the depths of the ocean. Hence the phrase ‘how deep is your love’ means much more than just mush! This Valentines Day make sure you pay a tribute to these goddesses so that they may shower their blessings on you. We bring you the best ways to celebrate this day and month.


A Yacht party OFCOURSE tops the list! Enjoy a romantic cruise on the bay aboard a Yacht. Treat your sweetheart to a gourmet dinner and lose yourselves in the romantic atmosphere of the fiery sunset sky and the cool blue sea. Far away from the madding crowd, make sure to hop on to a love boat and sail away with your honey.


Speed Boats & Sports Cruisers for a fun ride within the Mumbai harbour costs in the range of Rs.5000/- to Rs. 10,000/- and can take 6 to 8 persons.Cabin Cruisers and Motor Yachts are ideal to entertain friends if a day out at sea is what you’re looking for. They can take up to 12 persons and start at Rs. 10,000/- and can go up to Rs.25,000/- depending on their size and brand. Luxury Motor Yachts which can take up to 25 persons start at Rs. 60,000/-. Super Yachts or Mega Yachts are chartered for international holidays at exotic boating destinations the world over! For 10 persons, they start at 50,000 Euros and can go up to 80,000 Euros per week.

Sailboats, Sail Yachts and Catamarans can take 8 to 12 persons and fall in the range of Rs.8000/- to Rs.15,000/-. Motor Cats accommodate 25 persons and start at Rs.12,000/-. The Classic Wooden Dhow or the Arabian Style Dhow accommodates 45 persons and starts at Rs.1.2 lakhs. Water Sports that include jet ski, kayaking, banana boat rides and float rides start at Rs.500/- and packages can go up to Rs.1500/-.

The rates above are for renting the boats and may vary as Fuel and F&B costs may be charged separately. Some may underestimate the importance of proper yachting etiquette, but following simple rules can be a matter of safety as well as respect. When chartering a yacht, you may feel luxuriously spoiled, as the crew’s number one goal is to please you. Click here to read more on Yachting Etiquette.

Water sport activities make fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts for guys who love getting out and about on the high seas. He could enjoy white water rafting, zap-cat racing, jet skis, kayaks, and kayaking, yacht sailing, wake boarding, motor power boating and more.

Follow the step-by-step guide to explore the waters around Mumbai:

  1. Pack a change of clothes, a towel, some sun-tan lotion, a cap and shades.
  2. @ Rs. 200/- return, hop onto a Ferry from the Gateway of India to the Mandwa Jetty (1 hour).

Travel in style and actually reach Mandwa in 20 minutes – charter a speedboat at Rs.1000/- per person, minimum 8 persons. Now that’s definitely affordable luxury!

  1. The Water sports location is just off the jetty on the right hand side. (Pioneer Water Sports, Mandwa, Alibag, +91 9850303031)
  2. Jet Skis, Kayaking, Banana boat rides, Bumper float rides, Fishing Trips, Island Trips and many more! Packages start @ Rs.1000/-. Timings are from morning 8.30am to 7 pm.
  3. Holiday resorts are very close to the jetty and rates are as little at Rs.600/- going up to Rs. 3600/- for a room per day with meals. For a really wonderful experience, stay overnight and experience the thrill of watching dolphins while you kayak next morning…
  4. Kayakers of all levels are encouraged towards greater health, increased energy and full body fitness.
  5. Once you are away from the noise and pollution of the city a new wave of energy engulfs you… There is always something to do once you step foot in Mandwa (Alibaug) ! The scene changes within just a couple of minutes away from Mumbai city. You are away from the noisy concrete jungle breathing in fresh air amidst greenery and a relaxed easy atmosphere.

So you see why this celebration option tops the list? Its got the thrills and the frills  . Wish you Happy Sailing and a Very Happy Valentine’s day!


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