Game For Surface & Underwater Action With Yacht Toys!

Water sports  mainly refers to Boating, Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, Water aerobics, Water polo, etc. There are different types of water toys used in  different ways to make these activities even more exciting. So let’s checkout different types of yacht toys for the surface and under water:


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Pumpabike is neither a bicycle nor a water jet, yet it is capable to run at amazing speeds propeled only by your own muscles. It is a very simple construction. It is very easy to learn. Underwater wings provide stability and at the same time are responsible for motion, which allows swimming. You just have to push yourself away from shore, a platform, a boat or any other on-water stable construction. Afet that  all you need to do is to jump as if you were pumping, to move on water’s surface up to 30km/h.

It is low weight and runs on a maximum speed. One can carry pumpabike while travelling, adjustable in small cars or a handy zip bag. It is great fun both on lake and sea. It is a revolutionary way of having fun in water environment at reasonable price. It is truly an ingenious machine.

It will let you explore reefs, and shallow sea floors or it can be used for recreational use to travel over water, or to surface dive and re-emerge, much like a dolphin, and without using breathing apparatus. The diving depth can be set so that you don’t exceed a desired operational limit. Anyone can do it.  From young to old.

The Seabob Cayago VX2 can explore the oceans and seas to depths of as much as 40 meters with a maximum speed under water of 14 km/h (8.7 mph), or 18 km/h (11.2 mph) over the water. The Seabob is 100% electric powered producing zero emissions and runs off 12 lithium ion battery cells. To steer the SEABOB, you simply shift your weight either up or down of from left to right and shutting off the power causes you to stop in a short distance.
See it, and you’ll be wonderfully surprised. Ride it, and you’ll be hooked. Own it, and you’ll never want to part with it.

 Bladefish Seajet
Bladefish seajet can carry you through water without effort. You can easily dive to 40 meters and chill out under water for a full 2 hours before recharge. It reaches a convenient cruising speed with max 5 km/h. It is the ultimate device for you snorkeler and divers, who wish to have a chilled out dive and experience the beauty of the waters – without any hard work. Don’t expect to outpace any white sharks or hungry predators, but be assured you can relax your feet while being dragged along in the Caribbean waters.  Well, it is easy to use and extreme fun.

So for all those water freaks, yacht owners, self-made aqua business men or the relaxed water aficionado looking for the ultimate chilled out experience while off-shore you can use bladefish seajet – a personal fish with blades!
The AquaSkipper, a human powered hydrofoil made by Inventist. This is the coolest product to hit the water in years. Unlike other human-powered watercraft, its unique hydrofoil wings and fiberglass spring let you fly across the water by simply hopping up and down. Since the hydrofoil has very little drag in the water, you can move at speeds of up to 17 mph. It’s environmentally friendly – no fuel, no noisy engines and its maintenance free. The AquaSkipper can only be started from above the water’s surface, for instance, from a dock or boat. The maximum weight of the user is 250 pounds. The minimum is 70 pounds.

This is luxury toy for jumping. So, if you stop jumping, you will end up in the water. Not so bad on a hot, sunny day! In order to keep the AquaSkipper up out of the water, the rider needs to either be jumping on the platform or riding a wave. A rider can glide for small amounts of time, but then needs to start jumping again. Anyway you use it; it is fun and a great way to exercise!

Sumo Suit
The Sumo Tube is a new, exciting, and challenging freestyle towable that is not connected to the boat. The rider slides into the Sumo suit and holds on to a grab handle on the end of a 60’ rope. The rider can roll 360s from left to right, jump the wakes steer left and right by moving their arms, or just glide across the water’s surface. It’s a fast and fun body surfing thrill ride. The Sumo Tube can also be used in the crashing waves as a body surfing tube.

The Sumo tube is one chamber and inflates quickly.  It is a very adaptable toy, and can even be used for body surfing.

So as you can see that a variety of toys both for exercise and fun are available and some of them are inflatable whereas some of them are environmental friendly. Are game for some surface and underwater action with these yacht toys?


Compiled by Vishwaja Salian

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