Go Fly Fishing – At the Right Place At The Right Time

Fishing at the right time is very critical for a successful fishing trip. Even if you have the best fishing spot and all the right equipment, you may not catch anything if you fish at the wrong time. The best time to fish depends on the fish feeding time. Following are some great guidelines if you are planning to go fish this season!

Figure out the time. Best fishing time in spring is early morning or before dawn. After a long winter fish have been hungry and needed large quantities of food to prepare for spawning. In summer due to high temperatures, fish will avoid the summer heat; therefore, night is the best time for fishing. Fall is the golden season for fishing as fish need a lot of food to get ready for the long winter. Figure out the water temperature. Fish are most active if the water temperature is 55-70F. If you dip your fingers into the water, you will feel a little cool but not cold and not warm. Go fishing during a full moon, when tides are high and fish are feeding more. Time your fishing one hour before or one hour after high tide. It’s also good to go fishing one hour before or one hour after low tide. Go fishing during the “morning rise” (after the sun comes up) and the “evening rise” (just before sunset). Look at a barometer. Go fishing when it’s steady or on the rise. Find out when there’s a hatch of flies (e.g. caddis flies or mayflies). This is a good time to go fishing. Match your fly with the hatching flies.

The rivers of the Indian Himalayas offers some of the wildest, most unexplored fly fishing waters anywhere. Some of the best fishing is to be had in the remotest rivers. A guide is a must when fishing in the Northen India, if you looking for the ultimate adventure to one of the last fly fishing frontiers india is a must!


The mighty golden masheer is the king of the river and is one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish on the planet. Weather you are a beginner or experienced fly fisher the masheer will test your patience and skills to the limit. Once hooked on Masheer will charge around the pool, often boring deep to the sanctuary of the depths, shaking their head. Just as you think they are ready to come into the bank, they will turn charging back to the middle of the river.Holding you there until they are ready to come to you.

There is no sound proof way to catch masheer on fly as situations are constantly changing, this is where your gillie is invaluable but a very basic guide for catching smaller fish is to target the rapids casting your nymph or dry fly upstream, letting it drift back dead drift, waiting for the take for larger trophy fish across and down at the head of pools seems to be the most productive. The prime fly fishing season is from February till June and October to November depending on weather conditions.

Rods: single handed 9 foot 8-10 weight for larger fish/9foott 6 weight rods for smaller fish reels,must be of the highest quality with sound drag systems loaded with 150yard of backing.
Lines: weight forward dark colour floating Lines, using intermediate lines for the deeper pools flies,baitsh patterns,gurglers nymphs, dry flies,tied in natural colours are by far the best. hooks must be of the highest quality for larger flies 2/0 is preferred for smaller flies size 10-4.
Leaders: Tapper leaders to a tippet of 15 pound in the day moving up to 20 pound for evening fishing, leader length should be 9 to 12 feet.

Northen indian rivers are plentiful with brown trout and rainbow trout they do not grow to trophy sizes but a still great sport in these crystal clear river which are set in some of the most stunning areas of India. Summers see some amazing hatches and trout are very willing to take a dry fly which for most fly anglers is the ultimate take. Fly fishing for trout is best during the months of February to October.

Rods: 9 foot 4 weight,6 weight for larger rivers
Reels: Standard fly reels according to rod weights
Lines: A dark colour floating is used for most situations flies,dry flies,hoppers and wets. matching the hatch is the key and when fish are not rising try a nymph, leaders,9 to 12 foot tapered leaders to a 2 to 3kg tippet.

They are not the most sought after fish to catch on fly but if you are up for the challenge spending long nights on the water fishing the deepest darkest pools on the river there is always a chance to catch one these creatures of the deep. Fish the fly very slow making sure its just off the bottom they will not move very far to take the fly. The prime season is October to June.

Rods: 9foot 8-10 weight rod
Reels: high quality reels with 150 yards of backing
Lines: sinking lines
Flies: large bushy dark colour flies tied with natural fibres on strong 4/0 and 6/0 hooks
Leaders: 6 foot tapered leaders to a 25p0ound tippet.

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