Sea Kayaker Sandy Gets Set For Stage 3 – India to Srilanka

Sandy Robson is all set to begin stage 3 of her kayak expedition from Germany to Australia by kayak. The third Stage will begin with a crossing of Palk Strait from India to Sri Lanka.  For that she heads off to Mandapam to get ready for the launch from Dhanushkodi. The crossing is about 35kms and easily achievable in one day she says, following the islands of Adams Bridge. She will circumnavigate Sri Lanka by kayak which has not been done before. Sandy will be retracing the journey of Oskar Speck, but he did not complete the full Sri Lanka circumnavigation whereas she intends to! After Sri Lanka, which is expected to take around 50-60 days, sandy comes back across to India and will continue to paddle up the east coast from where she left off last year. The Royal Madras Yacht Club has made her an honorary member. We at India Yacht Page congratulate her and wish her all the best!

“WHY? Kayak? People ask… it is simple, watch this and you should understand…Hats of the the crew who put this video together – it is AMAZING!” – Sandy Robson

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