India Yacht Page Performance Report Just Keeps Getting Better!

Another season concludes and although yacht sales have been slow, the interest in boating has been steady and strong with a phenomenal increase in inquiries and visitors to our website and social media pages from all parts of the world. To overview the season briefly, the two areas worth mentioning are yacht charters and marina development. The boating season in India started off with the government issuing restrictive policies on yacht charters with special permissions and licenses. Chartering yachts is a viable business and we do hope the new government recognizes the many socio-economic benefits it offers and streamlines procedures to promote the activity. Sailing clubs have increased their fees as the response on entries for memberships have been growing at an enthusiastic pace. Mumbai is all set to have it’s first floating restaurant when boating re-opens in October later this year. Sailing events and the sport has been increasingly recognized and featured in the media. Hence, although India is yet to have a boat show since the past two years, boating in India succeeds in captivating a sufficiently curious audience. Marinas and recreational boating are very popular uses of coastal waters. The growth of recreational boating brings along with it a growth of coastal development in general. This also leads to an increased awareness and protection of the environment and quality of our waterways. Although we have a healthy number of boaters and sailors inquiring to explore the harbor and the coast, we still lack destinations to sail to. These destinations would come into place with marina infrastructure. News has it that the Maharashtra Maritime Board in Mumbai is proceeding with a marina project at the Gateway Waterfront. Time scale is envisaged as being 3 to 5 years before completion of the marina which will be designed for 300 berths with fully protective breakwaters. The building of the marina will be a major asset in developing boating in India, currently only two small marinas exist in the country in Cochin and Goa.

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