Boat Storage Facilities Go Vertical With Latest Technology!

A marina often suffices and offers safe berthing of boats but many times indoor rack storage is desired by boat owners and marinas to protect vessels from extreme weather conditions. A machine launches boats which are stored in a dry-stack storage facility using forklifts, or boats which are towed on a trailer boat to the launching site. Boats up to 50 feet can be stored depending on the storage shed/building facility and the technology it comes equipped with. Today’s most effective dry storage marina technology is the patented Vertical Yacht Storage System (VYSS). Unlike traditional forklift based operations, VYSS technology allows Marina owners to store any boat from an 18′ open fisherman to a 90′ express cruiser. The successful redevelopment of Everglades Marina into the state-of-the-art Port Marina & Condominium in Ft. Lauderdale marks a new era in dry storage technology. Boaters with vessels of any size are no longer required to take unnecessary risks leaving their boats docked in the water or at forklift operated marinas.

A dust-free, soot-free climate controlled dry storage environment shelters your boat from corrosive elements, particularly salt water and salt air and helps to preserve all external and exposed metal components, and especially engine and air-conditioning cooling systems, plumbing and primary electrical systems. The automated and electric lifting and moving system is very reliable, without the use of often messy and high maintenance hydraulic systems and is also not subject to harsh operator use and errors. In addition, a laser guided computer controlled system will eliminate the need for tandem lift operation (e.g., the requirement to use both a spotter and a lift operator). Using a computer controlled system the operator can both safely operate the lift and spot the boat while moving around the boat to ensure proper placement.

Despite all this, the lack of boating facilities, wet and dry, is seriously behind the current demand for marina slips. It will take a number of years and facilities to even come close to catching up with the demand for marina berths and storage facilities. The boat dealers’ largest problem after selling new and used boats is where to put them. This is the time marina developers, while planning their facility, should be investing in storage sopace with the latest technology in offer. Since the demand for boats continues to rise and the number of facilities is neutral, in order to be ready for the next upswing in boating, these facilities need to be under construction side by side. They will take  a while to build, by that time the market will surely have adjusted and the increased demand for indoor storage for boats will be stronger than ever.

News has it that Mumbai Port is to play its biggest trump card of monetizing land to boost profitability. Shipping minister Nitin Gadkari’s plan involves building cruise terminals, a floating hotel, a Ferris wheel on lines of the London Eye, marinas and jetties to promote water transport and recreation in Mumbai. Gadkari, a Mumbaikar, knows the political and financial landscape of the city closely to realize what a gold mine that the port controls is sitting on. For years, Mumbai port authorities have been seeking the government’s permission to let out more tracts of land, which was not forthcoming. Gadkari’s plan involves building cruise terminals, new waterways projects, a 500-room floating hotel, three-four floating restaurants, a Ferris wheel on the lines of the London Eye, and marinas and jetties to promote water transport in Mumbai. Read more about it here:

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