Agile, Versatile, Luxurious – The All New Regal Bow Riders

Regal is redefining what a Bow Rider can be with their all new range of boats this season. Explore the 2800 sports, she has a luxurious and spacious cockpit that rewards with it’s features and versatility. Details such as hand-stitched upholstery and custom stainless accents show off the fine craftsmanship that goes into every Regal. The multi-purpose seat allows for a commanding view of the world ahead or reverses to create the perfect vantage point to watch the kids having the time of their lives. The 2800 redefines what a bowrider can be with innovative features and powerful performance for everyone.

Regal 3200 new Bow rider:

Regal has also introduced the 3200 new Bow rider. She is an ideal BIG bow rider boat with twin engines and speeds of 55 knots plus! Regal created a whole new category with the introduction of the 3200 — Day Yachting. Yacht amenities combined with seating and lounge space for up to 18 – it’s the perfect platform for big water, big crowds and the best of open entertaining. So, if you’re looking for a better way to experience day cruising, it’s time to chart a new course with the Regal 3200.

The new Regal 3200 Bowrider is a day boat built with focus. In designing its stylish new 3200 Bowrider, Regal had the epiphany that most people in the market for a large family runabout are buying it for a specific intent — to have fun on the water during the day. So instead of messing around trying to fit in a cuddy or day room, Regal focused its efforts on maximizing space and comfort above decks. The results are evident.

Regal’s range of 22 boats from 19 to 52 feet offers you great many options to suit every requirement.

For more information on Regal Boats in Mumbai or in India contact Causeway Marine India:

Kenneth D’souza


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