Sailing Catamarans Best Suited For India, Here’s Why

If you are looking to invest in a luxury yacht and explore the long and adventurous coastline of India, a sailing catamaran may be your best option. They are extremely seaworthy and beautiful boats clearly marked by their width. Made up of two hulls joined together by a frame, catamarans stay close to the water and are able to move through it with great speed. Their ample size makes them ideal boats to travel and entertain on, as they can accommodate a lot of people. Moreover, their low design makes them ideal to go out fishing, as they can easily travel in shallow waters. Another great plus is that these type of boats can be beached. With no marina in India and minimal infrastructure to support efficient boating, a sail cat makes life easy and lighter on the pocket when it comes to purchase, docking and maintenance.


Here’s a list of a few fun facts you might not have known about catamarans, including where they come from and what they are typically used for:

  1. A catamaran is a ship that consists of two parts that are joined by a type of frame. They are a type of boat that is used for both sport and leisure sailing, which is partly why they are so popular- something for everyone.
  2. Their design is based on geometry and not weight. That’s why they are so difficult to tip.
  3. They are popular design for ferries because they are fast, stable, and capable of carrying a large number of people.
  4. In India, catamarans have been used for centuries. When the English adventurer William Dampier first spotted one, it was nothing more then a raft made of logs. Catamarans of this type are still used in India today.
  5. Power catamarans come equipped with two engines (at least). They bring together the best features of power boats and multi-hulled ships.

Some advantages of catamarans over other types of boats include:

  1. Stability. Since there are two hulls the likelihood of having an accident is less.
    2. Size. Catamarans can accommodate many people. If you are looking to go out to sea for a long time, you will need the help of a crew. Often people think this means having to take a larger boat. Not True. Catamarans can accommodate 8-10 people, no problem.
    3. Space. Catamarans are extremely spacious vessels, which makes them comfortable to lounge out on. They also offer more sleeping room then many other ships.
    4. Less uncomfortable movement. Thanks to their stability, people traveling on catamarans can avoid that horrible feeling of sea sickness.
    5. Easy navigation. Especially in shallow waters.

For all of the above reasons, catamarans are becoming an increasingly popular type of yacht to own. And of course, they are beautiful to look at, with their low, graceful glide. Why not charter one today?

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