Sailing On High Notes – Millionaire Asia (India) Article

Pure relaxation. Pure adventure. That is what it means to charter a yacht for an ultimate seagoing experience. Often people wonder; once you are on a yacht where does the day take you? From the gentle beginnings in St Tropez, to lunch in Monaco and dinner in Portofino or a relaxing time off Pampelonne beach soaking up the sights, sounds and flavours of the Mediterranean? The world is your oyster when you are chartering a yacht that can re-locate to practically anywhere, catering to your own customised itinerary. If you’ve set your mind to discover the world anew then an international yachting holiday complete with yacht parties will make it happen for you.  Experience is becoming more important than ownership. A luxury yacht charter is like a gateway for those driven by entertainment, by discovery, fighting boredom, increasingly living a transient lifestyle, freeing oneself from the hassles of permanent ownership and possessions and a lust to collect as many experiences and stories as possible. The past is over and the future is uncertain, all that remains is the present and living for the ‘now’.

Grab your copy of Millionaire Asia (India) Nov-Dec 2014 today and turn to page 36 to read the complete article! The article encompasses the trend, duration and types of yachts, the parties and holidays they offer, the best time & countries (world over) for holidaying on a yacht and the best Sailing Zones around the world! It is posted on our website on the link below. We thank Millionaire Asia (India) for giving us the opportunity to author a story with them on the unique experience of International Yachting Holidays.

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