Own Your First Sailboat @ Under Rupees Ten Lakhs

Fire up that overwhelming thirst for adventure and let it get the best of you! We support it completely for we believe that sailing brings about a 360 degree change in life for the better. Even if you know nothing about sailboats, let the boat come first and the lessons will follow later. We encourage you to explore this fantastic sport and recreation where you don’t have to do anything. That’s the beauty of it all… In fact, to sail, all you need is a sturdy vessel and the wind. The rest is just heart-thumping joy. The stuff that makes you feel alive and in touch with the world around you. Tell someone that you own a sailboat and you’ll be encountering a pair of wide-eyes, open mouth and insane jealousy! On a serious note, people think that you have to be loaded or an ace sailor to own a boat, but not so. It’s only about gathering up a big pile of courage and taking that first step and owning a boat.

Boating turns to fun on the water once you learn how to read the wind and set the sails accordingly. A couple of classes with an instructor (on your own boat) are key to feeling at ease with your boat. Once you get the hang of sailing, it’s easy to get a party started with friends and family on board! Everyone wants to learn to sail and all it takes is a short tutorial to boost confidence and get going. It’s almost a guarantee that anyone you take out sailing  will end up proclaiming, “I’m buying a boat!” Owning and maintaining a sailboat is easy and if you don’t have time to look after it yourself, labor and parking fees all come at very affordable costs. Does buying and owning a sailboat still sound crazy to you?  Of course it is! It’s also absolutely wonderful, exciting, empowering and enlivening. You just need to sea trial a boat and make your own conclusion.

For more information visit : http://www.indiayachtpage.com/archives/product/boat-builders or call us on +91 9820673466


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