A Brilliant New Year’s Resolution For You – Learn How To Sail in 2015

Learning how to sail a boat does not only mean acquiring a new skill, it spells out a permanent lifestyle change for you. The activity is so rewarding, we promise that you have yet to come across a recreation and sport that has as many benefits as sailing does. Being out in the harbor for just an hour or two is mentally refreshing and physically charging. Learn how to sail programs and sailing club memberships are more affordable and accessible than you think. Get in touch with us today if you would like to connect with them or visit: http://www.indiayachtpage.com/archives/product/water-sports-sailing

We stumbled upon a whacky website with online sailing lessons. Of course its best to learn it while out on the waters instead of a stuffy classroom or an internet video, but if you are clueless about what sailing is all about, then this website is quite informative. It covers everything from parts of a boat to the rules of the road! Check it out: http://www.psychosnail.com/sailing/howtosail

It all seems oh so romantic visualizing the silhouettes of a sailboat at dusk and the cool wind in your face! It makes you want to chuck it all and head off into a wild adventures with new discoveries and no one to answer to ever again. Before you get carried away with these delightful thoughts, thousands of questions have to be answered on how to begin and go about it, but the bottom line with boating is—just make the decision.

What we recommend is that you become a member of a sailing club and at the same time take up sailing lessons. Around 12 lessons and a little bit of theory and voila! You’re not a sailor unless you’ve really sailed around and learned a couple of things on your own besides what the instructors have taught you. Many clubs have the facility to tutor and many sailing schools offer sailing time on their boats. So tap that eco-friendly vein and try a new sport and recreation this year.

Mumbai has a great harbor but Mumbaikers seldom take advantage of it. Most are clueless about the adventures one can have just a few minutes away. The sea, the wind and the whole atmosphere refreshes you, its less polluted as you move away from the city coast. Many fear the water so a good life jacket would be a wise investment whether you know how to swim or not. Sailing is a pass time that is healthy and fun! For more information on sailing schools click here: http://www.indiayachtpage.com/archives/product/water-sports-sailing or connect with us on +91 9820673466

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