Boat Building In Goa With Multi Tech Marine

Multi Tech Marine specializes in building boats that range from 30 to 200 feet. With their technical and practical expertise clients’ are assured of the most suitable water craft for their requirements. The water crafts built in India are done so with technical collaboration with internationally reknowned companies and technology transfer from the designers. Multi Tech Marine’s range of award winning and record breaking crafts are based on the most cutting edge and innovative designs. Their policy is to advise, customise and supply or build the client the most suitable boat taking into account the growing needs of economic and trouble free running with easy maintainance.

If one is interested in a new boat what comes next? A proper Design Process begins with full information about the client’s requirement and it’s ideal to have answers ready to some of the most basic questions like:

Is one looking to buy a Sailboat or a motor boat?
Hull design: Mono hull, Cat, Tri or even Proa?
Location of its usage: Ocean going or Coastal or Inland?
Duration of trips?
Vessel length intended?
Day boat or if not, sleeps how many?
Estimated budget?
Speed and range desired?
Any additional requirements?

Based on the above, Multi Tech Marine offers consultancy and supply of suitable water crafts, be it for leisure, sports, passenger transport, cruising, military crafts and, or such related projects.

Besides construction of boats and yachts as well as customization of one off hulls and molds, Multi Tech Marine provides a 360 degree solution that includes repair, restoration and annual maintenance as well.

For more info on Multi Tech Marine, contact:
Goa – Mr. Maneck Contractor
+91 0832 2279894
+91 9822127151

Mumbai – Mr. Phiroze Contractor
+91 22 23720603
+91 9769210003

For information on the Entire Range of Sail & Power boats, click here:

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