A Mediterranean Paradise For Yacht Charterers

If you are considering an international yacht charter holiday, then do add Croatia at the top of your list. Croatia in Central Europe is a Mediterranean paradise, blessed with a thousand islands, crystal clear seas and an architectural heritage. It is one of the most attractive sailing destinations in the world, an ideal place to explore the beautiful remote islands with the sense of adventure. Sailing is truly the best way of discovering Croatia’s remarkable coast.

The best sailing period is from June to September. July and August offer calmer periods, suitable for those preferring a more peaceful sailing holiday. Sailing is possible outside this period, but the winds are more variable. Croatia is one of the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean. It features various pleasant winds – Mistral, Bura, Jugo- ideal for sailing experiences, as well as numerous islands, beaches and channels where one can sail and enjoy untouched nature in the heart of Europe. Most of the visitors who come to Croatia visit at least some of these beaches. Most of the Croatian beaches are not sandy, but have gravel, pebble or rock. Besides beaches they are also known for places like Dalmatian Coast, Korcula, Dubrovnic Hvar island and Brac Island.

Dalmatian coast is backed by high mountains with hundreds of offshore islands, and is the most popular vacation spot. Korcula Island is one of the most delightful spots in southern Dalmatia. Dubrovnik is Croatia’s top sight, and it’s the most visited destination. Hvar which is known as the island of the sun is the cradle of tourism in Croatia. It is the longest and sunniest island on the Adriatic. Hvar is an island with a particularly rich cultural and monumental heritage that complements the natural beauty of the island settlements.

Bol is a town on the south of the island of Brač which offers water sports . Best known for wind surfing and kite surfing. Apart from these two one can enjoy water sports like banana rides, tubes rides, para sailing, jet-ski, water sking and water boarding. Hence it promises an active, adventurous vacation. If you don’t want to just sit back and relax, there are sailing schools in Croatia as well. These lessons can help you be on your way to becoming an expert sailor. There’s no better place to learn than the unspoiled Adriatic sea. Sailing in Croatia provides ideal sailing conditions and an opportunity to get to know the country’s millennial history in all its grace and magnitude. This amazing country has loads on offer and is great for both those new to sailing and veterans of the sport. With so many islands and ports, you can sail for as long as you wish!

Article compiled by Vishwaja Salian


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