Barramagic & Ultra Minnow Lure You Into Fishing!

Fishing or Angling is one of the best sports that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Everyone participates and fishing takes you outdoors, closer to nature. India has a vast topography of lakes, rivers, dams and coastal areas where one can try different styles of fishing like fly fishing, dead bait fishing, live bait fishing, lure fishing and trolling. With the United States having at least one member in a family going fishing, India is still to fully discover and explore this fantastic recreation!

LURE FISHING is one of the most exciting ways of catching predatory fish. Pike, perch, bass, trout. . . there is an endless list of fish that will gobble these plastic, metal, or wood creations, mistaking them for real fish. There are three types of lures, spinners and spoons are usually made of metal and either wobble or spin through the water in the same way as real fish, plugs are made of wood or plastic and work in a number of ways; along the surface of the water, in mid-water, or deep along the bottom. When you are lure fishing, it pays to search the water and not stay too long in any one position. Big predators like slack water just off the main current, and some often lie right by the bank.

Predatory fish are eagle-eyed, and a good plug should resemble a natural fish very closely. Look for realistic eyes, scale patterns, and a shiny finish. For the beginning angler, walking into a bait and tackle shop for the first time can be overwhelming because of the huge selection of lures by type, color and sizes. Many just buy a tackle box and fill it with a random assortment of lures and hope through trial and error one works, others just purchase a lure or two and use it all day. When building a tackle selection one must consider the species of fish you’re targeting along with the season you’re fishing in. Knowing how to fish the proper lure at the proper depth to maximize your catch rate and catching fish is the quickest way to gain confidence.



The Barramagic lure from Cassan is the most coveted lure introduced to the Indian market after carrying out various field tests. This lure is suitable for casting and slow trolling. With a diving depth of 3ft to 9ft it has a remarkable swimming action to entice any predator species. Equipped with VMC permatin treble hooks and strong split rings it can handle even large predator fish. The life like eyes, exclsuive colour paterns, fine detailing, scaly feel of the body sets this lure apart from the others. One needs to try out this lure to understand its fish catching capability. In simple words a lure redefined!

The ‘Cassan’ Ultra Minnow lure is a versatile lure for shallow water fishing and also suitable for top water feeding predators. A floating lure with length of 135mm and weighing 30g has a wire through construction for toughness. With a short lip,internal rattles,VMC perma steel Treble hooks and heavy duty salt water split rings this lure is strong enough to handle the most voracious predator speices. It has a maximium swimming depth of 1.2meters and casts like a rocket due to the internal weight transfer system.The plastic paint and steel is imported from Japan and exceptionally well made in China.

Lure Fishing Tips

  1. Make sure to vary your lure retrieve until you figure out what the fish are responding to that day. Sometimes they want a steady retrieve, but fish often respond well to some erratic twitches and pauses.  Many times a fish will follow a lure but not bite.  That extra twitch or pause can cause the following fish to react by striking.
  2. Try using scent on lures, especially soft plastic lures which hold in scent.  Even on other lures it can be useful to mask unnatural scents like sunscreen or bug repellent.
  3. When fishing with sinking lures, vary the depth of the retrieve until you find where the fish are.  You can do this but counting at a steady rate each time you cast and then starting the retrieve and progressively higher numbers.  Once you find the depth where you get a bite, keep fishing that depth.
  4. If your lure action is poor, try using lighter line/leader.  Especially for smaller lures, the line diameter can have a huge effect on the action.
  5. As a rule of thumb, try more natural colored lures in clear water and brighter colors (chartreuse, orange, etc) in murkier water.  On bright days start with lighter colors and on overcast days start with darker colors as they are easier for fish to see in those conditions.
  6. Lure size and action matter more than color most of the time, so make sure you get those right.
  7. Let the fish tell you what they want.  Don’t stubbornly stick to a favorite lure or presentation even if it is not working.  Fish can be very finicky, especially in highly pressured areas.  Often they will respond to something they have not seen before when they are turning down regularly used lures.
  8. Consider using lures with rattles in very murky water as it will help the fish find them easier.  Conversely, in clear water rattles can sometimes spook fish.
  9. In highly pressured waters or very clear waters consider scaling down your tackle, both in terms of lure size and line size.  It’s amazing how large of a fish you can catch on a small lure sometimes.
  10. Make sure all hooks are sharp on your lures at all times.  If the point doesn’t dig into your fingernail, then take a file and sharpen it until it does. If you are not sure whether you are getting a bite, set the hook immediately.  If you stop and ask yourself whether or not you just got a bite the fish will be long gone.  Except for some soft plastic lures, fish don’t usually hold onto lures for more than a second.


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