On our fifth anniversary we complete a total of thirty e-newsletters! Here’s a quick glimpse at all that’s happened in the past five years in the boating industry in India. View our complete list of newsletters below to checkout the topics covered along with their links in their respective pdfs. Read about the yachts, the boat shows and their reviews, escapades of our yachtsmen, performance of our website and statistics from the industry. Besides the stories covered in our e-news, we have an archive with extensive coverage on various topics related to yachting. Testimonials of our readers, inquirers and members are posted below. We hope to keep up the consistent coverage and informative articles on all things boating in India and around. If you would like to contribute a story, do write in at zinia@indiayachtpage.com Information on experiences, awards, new entrants, special offers and events will be posted on our website. We thank the many companies who have supported us by being a part of this platform to carry out effective online advertising and promotions of their businesses. Being an industry specific online network, and the first of its kind, we at India Yacht Page invite you to make full use of our unique portal and have an increased number of quality visitors and inquiries coming your way. To know more, visit: http://www.indiayachtpage.com/about-us



Five yrs ago i was introduced to sailing as a b’day gift from one of my very close friends and there has been no looking back since then. The pace may be slowed down since then due to hectic working schedule and business trips, but when given a chance to book a boat and set sail all hands are on deck. So post my first tryst with sailing in the harbor, it was an itch to get some sort of membership and post some digging all around, i found way right next to me, in the form of India Yacht Page who guided me patiently and answered my doubts. The very next season, there i was with a membership number after some simple paper work and a nominal fee. India Yacht page or as we cooling calling it IYP is the one stop shop for all you need to know about the yachting industry with a little twist of its own  Friends at IYP are a phone call away to clear doubts or accept your suggestions with a smile. So wish India Yacht Page a very happy 5th year and many more to come. Keep up the good work guys,

Sail On !!

Bright Blessings

Yezdi Roowala


India Yacht Page is the only newsletter which covers the yachting scene in India. Zinia has done a great job publishing it regularly. I always look forward to the issue and the stories she covers. I only wish she could cover more of the racing scene. That would make it even better. IYP also offers a great platform to source boat related stuff. Keep it up and wish you all the best.
Warm Regards,

Ravi Mariwala

Managing Director, Smaart Water


There are very few yacht blogs and sites dedicated specifically to the Indian yachting sector and focused on the Indian consumer. Especially ones that are maintained on a regular basis. India Yachts Page is a great site that gives a lot of useful information to the Indian yacht, speedboat and water sport enthusiast. Congratulations on completing 5 years. Good luck and best wishes.
Sheroy Wadia
Director – Client Services, Ava Marine Yachts


Congratulations on five years ! India Yacht Page is consistent and excellent – a reliable and informative read ! A wonderful insight into the current happenings in the yachting world.
Farah Palia
Fashion features and beauty editor HELLO! India


It is nice to see everything relating boats and boating in one place. The mailer gives you an insight to what is happening around.
Nasir Shaik,

Casa Ibrahim


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