XS Marines’ Sea Bird Mark 3 HF – Sail On Crazy Diamond!

Panambur Beach in Mangaluru, which already has a public-private partnership to enhance tourist facilities, introduced another attraction — Crazy Diamond, a sail boat that can offer the sailing experience of the days of yore. Manufactured by Sheri Bamboat of XS Marines, Mumbai, the Sea Bird Mark 3 HF has been brought to Panambur by Mahesh Kamath, a sailing enthusiast who runs Mahesh Marines in Mangaluru. Though it has a capacity to ferry two tonnes, Mr. Kamath has restricted it to six persons, including the crew. It is the first sail boat being offered to the public in the Karnataka coast, claims Mr. Kamath.

Launching the sail boat services here, Karnataka Coastal Development Authority Chairman Nivedit Alva said the initiative has opened up a whole new world for people in general and sailing enthusiasts in particular. Karnataka is endowed with a long sea shore and the authority is doing its best to bring about changes with concerted efforts to grow the sport and recreation of yachting. Mr. Kamath said his passion led to research in sailing and training in Mumbai. By bringing Crazy Diamond to Panambur, Mr. Kamath wanted to show that sailing was no longer a rich man’s sport. Through this endeavor he wishes to convey the many benefits of sailing and the ease of accessibility to the experience. Otherwise powered by wind and sail, the vessel is also fitted with a 10 HP petrol engine to face emergencies.

For more information, connect with:

5/4 Rustom Baug
Sant Savta Road
400 027
Phone: 0222 3701418
Email: xs.marines@gmail.com
Website: www.xsmarines.com


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