Plan An Action Packed Holiday – Take A Water Sports Vacay

There’s so much you can do when you take a holiday alongside a water body. Whether it is a busy river, a serene ocean or a tranquil lake, pack your vacay with these awesome water sports to keep you busy, happy and fit through the day. They are fun and easy and makes for well spent day outdoors with family and friends.

SUP Boarding – embrace the new king of water sports; stand-up paddle boarding with the Bic Ace-Tec. This outdoor sporting activity has the most first-time participants. Paddle sitting, kneeling, or standing with your friends, with your dog or in solitude. A simple 1-hour lesson can teach all of the basics and get you ready for your adventures.

Fun boarding and Wind surfing – it looks tough only till you try it! Once you’ve attempted wind surfing there’s no thrill like it and there’s no stopping you too no matter how many times you lose your balance and take a fall. Its part of the fun and a great way to spend an hour or two on the water. Time flies when you’re fun boarding!

Kayaking – for the explorers and the fitness freaks. Get some biceps going while you kayak your way to fitness and fun. Its a great decision to invest in an inflatable kayak, it gets easily folded into a back pack and inflates in a jiffy. Bic Sport kayaks are a perfect option for anyone wanting to spend time on the water.

Check out this exciting pictorial story of island beach campers:

Fly boarding – Have you ever dreamt that you are a Superhero flying through the air or a dolphin swimming freely in the water then jumping out of the water and straight back down again. Well you can stop dreaming because Flyboarding will make this a reality for you! The Flyboard lets you fly at heights up to 30 feet and swim through the water at high speeds. It is an activity that everyone can learn from age 10 and up.

Kite surfing – is a complex, but a rewarding sport. There really is nothing like it! It involves a combination of several sport skills, including surfing, wakeboarding and kiteflying.

Besides the above, there’s always, rafting, jetskiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and wake boarding to keep you busy when you’re around a water body. For exciting water sports packages in and near Mumbai and Goa, get in touch with us today at

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