The Promising Challenger X Lures From Strike Pro – Brought To You By Casa Ibrahim

The Challenger X is one of the most successful lure ever from Strike pro with a swimming action that could draw the attention from even the most laziest predator fish. The fat body with a slim tail profile is very good for better hook sets. On the first retrieve itself the angler will feel the tremendous action generated by this lure. Fishing and angling is a whole lot different and fun with these new lures, make sure they make it to your tackle box!

Challenger X 8.7: Try one and feel the difference.
Challenger X 11: This lure can be used for both cast/retrieve and shallow water trolling at a slow speed.
Challenger X 14: this lure can be used for both cast/retrieve and trolling.

To purchase your fishing and angling equipment in India, connect with Casa Ibrahim from Goa:

Phone : 0832-2512643
Mobile: 09822127186
Contact person: Mr. Nasir Shaik.

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  1. Keith Stanford says:

    How to buy them


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