Romantic Encounters At Diving Destinations, Australia!

Diving is a very popular sport and it makes for an ideal way to spend an adventurous as well as a romantic holiday! Explore undersea rock formations, hard and soft corals, whale sharks, silver tip sharks, beautiful reefs and a number of shipwrecks. Because diving is so famous lots of tourist visit diving destinations to enjoy the sport. We introduce you to the BEST diving destinations to visit in Australia. They are Heron Island (visit April-September) and Lizard Island (visit December to March).

Heron Island
Heron Island popularly known as the ultimate coral cay is on the Great Barrier Reef. Here you can swim straight off the beach to an endless garden of coral where one can see beautifully colored fish and marine life!

Heron Island is known the world over for its excellent coral gardens and pinnacles. The Acropora, the dominant coral specie on Heron Island which branch out like antlers, making an expansive garden is full of life, is the main attraction that will greet you underwater. The best time to visit Heron Island between April and September. Heron has year-round sunshine.

There is actually no need for extensive boat dives at Heron Island because you can easily get a generous serving of its marine beauty by entering from the beach. There are over 30 dive sites available, half of which are just 15 minutes away from the beach. With that privilege, Heron is also the best place to take guided diving lessons. Some notable dive sites around Heron include Heron Bommie which is one of the most photographed dive sites in the country.

Diving at Heron Island is relatively shallow, with average depths between 10 and 25 meters. People interested in snorkeling can enjoy the reefs that come up within two to three meters within the surface at certain places. A sophisticated yet casual resort atmosphere and a relaxed island lifestyle set heron apart from all the other islands.  The island emphasizes on exploring and discovering the natural attractions.

Lizard Island
Australia’s northernmost island resort, it is located at the Great Barrier Reef. Lizard Island is an absolute tropical paradise, a heaven of isolation, gratification and relaxation. It is without question, one of Australia’s premier resorts. The Best time to visit the island is from December to March as it is the time when the weather is hot and perfect for diving. This is also the wettest time of year, but you won’t mind if you are scuba diving.

A tropical island with 24 exquisite beaches and over 1000 hectares of National Park, Lizard Island prides itself for being a renowned, world class diving and marine life destination. To go diving at Lizard Island means coming face to face with the marine park’s underwater treasures. This excellent diving destination hosts a spectacular site of interlocked reefs and coral-ringed isles. The island, offers customized dive boat services that operates for full day excursions.
Apart from the whole-day dive treats, there are some inland diving services that offer half-day reef trips to thousands of tourists and recreational divers. Scuba diving lessons are also given while on the other hand people interested in snorkeling can also explore the bright-colored tropical fishes.

One of the all-time favorite diving spots in Lizard Island is the famous Cod Hole. This diving site is well-known for its underwater inhabitants, including the friendly Potato Cods, the Maori Wrasse, the Emperor and many other species. These water creatures are very warm to divers. In fact one would come  face to face with a massive yet curious Potato Cod swimming right up to inspect you with child-like curiosity. Divers can also go way below the site’s sandy floor area to watch the fish feeding activities on the surface water.

Other than diving and snorkeling, the island also offers fun water activities, energetic boat trips, and camping and trekking to the thousands of tourists and visitors who visit all-year long. All these destinations packed with equally awesome diving activities make Lizard Island truly a top diving destination.

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Compiled by Vishwaja Salian

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