Building Your Custom Boat In India

If you have a boat in mind, you are sure to find a boat builder in India who not only offers an excellent and sturdy design but also competent pricing! Boat manufacturers in India give you the opportunity to own the ideal yacht at a much lower cost. A team of skilled craftsmen, painters and carpenters, combine their knowledge of wood and their expertise of modern composite materials to create aesthetic boats providing comfort, performance, durability and easy maintenance. Designing, manufacturing and testing crafts, yachts, lifeboats, rescue boat, and almost all things nautical, makes these boat builders a one-stop-shop for all your boating requirements. They not only make you the boat of your dreams but guide you with necessary documentation, accessories and operations. Some also offer boat maintenance, parking and other after sales services.

Duck Flat boat buidlng school Adelaide Australia

From traditional sailing boats to modern powerboats, for professional use or for pleasure, they build custom-made boats that cater to every single client requirement. Since each project requirement or purpose of owning a boat and location of uasage is different, Indian boat builders believe in the possibility of creating unique and customized boats that surpass expectations. Most of them are very well established and reputed in India for building strong, robust and quality boats. These are supplied to the government, shipyards and many private boat owners and operators in India and the world. Apart from wooden boats, they also specialize in fiberglass boats, aluminium and rubber boats and inflatables.

For more information, connect with the following:


XS MArines

5/4 Rustom Baug
Sant Savta Road
400 027
Phone: 0222 3701418

Multi Tech Marine are Indian boat manufacturers, and deal in boat manufacture of power boats, motor boats, sail yachts, catamarans, customized boats, custom built, passenger crafts, military crafts, sports boats, water crafts, especially Goa boats, and are the top boat builders in Goa.

For more info on Multi Tech Marine, Contact:

Goa – Mr. Maneck Contractor
+91 0832 2279894
+91 9822127151

Mumbai – Mr. Phiroze Contractor
+91 22 23720603
+91 9769210003

For information on the Entire Range of Sail & Power boats, click here:

With dealers spread across the coast in Kerala, Lakshadweep, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Mahindra Odyssea holds a majority of the market share, more than 80% in India. We are building these boats in India ensuring finest quality, after-sales-service support and customer centricity in design for the price sensitive customer maintaining the Group’s lineage of strong core values in all its businesses. Be it,HNI individuals or government departments (Forest, Navy, Maritime board, tourism, DRDO), we cater to the needs of all the segments.

To Call: 022-24933404

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