Fishing In North Goa With The Cassan Barramagic & The Cassan Brute 40lb

The Cassan Barramagic Lure from Cassan is the most promising lure for shallow water trolling along the coast and also for casting from the rocks and in estuaries effective for a variety of predator species like the Barramundi, mangrove jack, Trevally, Grouper etc. With real baitfish action and diving depth from 3ft to 9ft it is equipped with VMC hooks and strong split rings. With life like eyes and scally body finish it has turned out to be a success in the Indian waters. The weight is 21g but it casts like a bullet due to the magnetic weight transfer system. Casa Ibrahim and team trolled along the shores of North Goa in shallow waters at slow speed in the morning. The Cassan Barramagic and the Cassan Brute 40lb braided line once again proved to be the successful tackle! They managed to land 12 fishes, most of them being the Groupers. All the fish were landed on the Cassan Barramagic lures.

The tackle used was as seen below.
Rods – Cassan Threadfin, Okuma Blue Diamond, Daiwa D-Wave.
Reels – Cassan prototype reel (currently under testing), Okuma Safina Noir, Okuma Atomic, Daiwa D-Wave.
Line – Cassan Brute braided line 40lb (0.30mm)
Lures – Cassan, Tackle House Blue Ocean.
Wire Trace: Maruto black wire trace 80lb.

Check it out:

Casa Ibrahim is based in the heart of the city of Vasco-da-gama located in South Goa. Basically this firm was established in the year 1968 as a hardware and paints merchant.Being involved in selling fish hooks, fishing lines and lead sinkers for many years we began the import of fishing tackle in the year 1998. Yo-zuri Co. Ltd., Japan the owners of the famous lure brand Yo-zuri was the first company with whom we began our fishing tackle business.
Today we are the distributors for reputed brands like Duel, Yo-zuri, Daiwa, Okuma ,Strike Pro etc. We also design our own tackle with help of some Japanese and Chinese fishing tackle companies.Our focus is on quality products suitable for the Indian market. Our aim is to take angling in India to its highest level. We want more and more people in India to get involved in this beautiful sport of fishing. We also have a sister concern Nasir Enterprises operating from the same location. This company was established later in order to cater to our growing business.

Their products include a variety of fishing tackle:

Rods and reels: spinning rod and reel combos, spinning rods, boat rods, surf rods, baitcasting rods, jigging rods, trolling rods, fly rods, interline rods, telescopic rods, spinning reels, surf reels, baitcasting reels, trolling reels, level wind reels, line counter levelwind reels, fly reels.

Lines: Monofilament lines, hybrid lines, fluorocarbon lines, braided lines, hyper lines.

Lures: trolling lures, jigs, spinners, poppers, vibrating lures, swimbaits, soft baits, multi-jointed lures, squid jigs, shrimps.

Hooks: commercial hooks, bait –holder hooks, stainless steel hooks, chinu hooks, treble hooks, sabikis.

Rigging accessories: Swivels, snaps, rolling inter-snaps, split rings, split shots, wire leaders, double sleeves.

Accessories: Rod racks, tackle boxes, Fishing headlamps, floats, crimping pliers, hand castors.

Phone : 0832-2512643
Mobile: 09822127186
Contact person: Mr. Nasir Shaik.

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