Water Sports : The Fun Way To Get You Fit And Toned

Did you know that people who take to the water enjoy their workouts more than those who stick to dry land. By providing low-impact resistance, water keeps you from quickly fatiguing, so you can work out longer for bigger burns and fitness gains! For a calorie-torching sweat session that feels like play, not exercise, take your workout to the water. Whether you jump in the pool or paddle across a lake, you’ll score a cardio workout that doubles as a toning routine. Water is denser than air and provides natural resistance—up to 12 times what you’d get on dry land. The best part is you’ll work up a sweat without even realizing it. Add these fun activities to your fat-blasting-to-do list.

Grab your buddies, pile in your car, and head to the ocean (or lake) for a day’s worth of fat-burning fun. This infographic details how many calories a 150-pound man can burn in 60 minutes, plus the health and fitness benefits unique to each water sport. Swimming, for instance, burns 714 calories, lowers cholesterol, and works both your upper and lower body. Did you know water jogging burns 476 calories? Or that water polo torches 660? Read on to find out how other water sports like surfing and kayaking stack up—you will be surprised. Jump feet first into water sports, your muscles will thank you

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