Length, Power, Action: Select The Right Fishing Rod With Casa Ibrahim

Having the proper equipment is as important in fishing as it is in any sport. With a wide range of bait options and techniques, rod manufacturers have developed rods to cast specific baits farther and more accurately. They’ve also balanced these capabilities with other factors to give the angler an advantage over a hooked bass. A truly effective fisherman or woman can now pick the perfect tool. The correct rod for a given situation allows anglers to cast baits accurately, work baits properly, detect more strikes, and set the hook to land a fish.
Here’s an interesting infographic to get you started!

This inforgraphic was compiled from: https://www.fix.com/blog/selecting-the-right-fishing-rod/

Source: Fix.com

Casa Inbrahim intoduces two new products. Get in touch with them for more information on details below.


A desire to have a better medium action carbon composite spinning rod, led them to develop the Cassan CLASSIQUE spinning rod. Built to cast lighter weight lures more effectively, this rod is a dream to cast with. Made in Malaysia. This rod comes with a cloth bag.

View Model details here: http://www.casaibrahim.com/gallery.php?prodid=170

After almost a year and a half of designing and field testing, they have finally been able to launch the much awaited medium/heavy action carbon compsite spinning rod the THREADFIN from CASSAN in the Indian market. Specially designed keeping in mind the way Indian anglers fish along the coast of India. Produced in Malaysia. This rod comes in a cloth bag.

View Model details here: http://www.casaibrahim.com/gallery.php?prodid=169#

Their products include a variety of fishing tackle:

Rods and reels: spinning rod and reel combos, spinning rods, boat rods, surf rods, baitcasting rods, jigging rods, trolling rods, fly rods, interline rods, telescopic rods, spinning reels, surf reels, baitcasting reels, trolling reels, level wind reels, line counter levelwind reels, fly reels.

Lines: Monofilament lines, hybrid lines, fluorocarbon lines, braided lines, hyper lines.

Lures: trolling lures, jigs, spinners, poppers, vibrating lures, swimbaits, soft baits, multi-jointed lures, squid jigs, shrimps.

Hooks: commercial hooks, bait –holder hooks, stainless steel hooks, chinu hooks, treble hooks, sabikis.

Rigging accessories: Swivels, snaps, rolling inter-snaps, split rings, split shots, wire leaders, double sleeves.

Accessories: Rod racks, tackle boxes, Fishing headlamps, floats, crimping pliers, hand castors.

Phone : 0832-2512643
Mobile: 09822127186
e-mail: casaibrahim@yahoo.com
e-mail: info@casaibrahim.com
Contact person: Mr. Nasir Shaik.
Website: www.casaibrahim.com

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