FLIR First Mate – World’s 1st Waterproof, Hand Held, High-Performance Maritime Thermal Imager!

First Mate gives every mariner the power to see at night like never before. The world’s first waterproof, hand held, high-performance maritime thermal night vision camera, First Mate lets you navigate with confidence anywhere, anytime! Whether you’re on a yacht, recreational powerboat, fishing boat, sailboat, or anything in between, with First Mate you’ll be able to see clearly and navigate safely in total darkness.
It’s waterproof, it floats, has a 24-degree field of view, and has a 2X digital zoom. The judges of the 2010 National Marine Manufacturers Innovation Awards were so impressed with the First Mate, it won first place in the safety category!

The First Mate handheld thermal imager is the real deal, it is not like other night vision Monoculars and similar devices which use light, first mate uses heat. FLIR First Mate detects very slight differences in heat and can even detect the heat from a hand print on a wall ( ” see brochure ” ). The fact that First mate does not need any light, lets you see in total darkness. Uses include picking out channel markers at night, navigating through an inland waterway bridge, finding someone in the dark, security concerns at a slip, spotting wildlife and anything else you can think of. You can zoom and store images with the pro model. Images are stored on a SD card. The field of view is wide at 24 degrees, so you get a much wider picture than a pair of binoculars. A standard tripod mount lets you set up on bridge for quick access.
Runs for over five hours on a single battery charge.

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