Sign Up For Your Sailing Lessons In The Mumbai Harbour

Everyone wants to learn to sail and all it takes is a tutorial of approx 10 sessions to develop confidence in managing a boat. It’s almost a guarantee that anyone you take out sailing will end up proclaiming, “I want to learn how to sail too!” Whether you are sailing across a lake on a quiet afternoon, or watching the sun come up in the harbour, there is truly no sport like sailing. An excellent recreation to indulge in on every breezy day, we invite you to explore sailing with us. Sailing season begins in 50 days or so and our agenda for you is to get going with a couple of sailing lessons and start exploring the Mumbai harbor and India’s coastline.

Fair Winds offers a Basic Learn to Sail Course which is perfect for anyone looking to get into the sport of sailing and continue it as a hobby. It is suitable for people of all ages, talent and physical ability. Anyone and everyone can enroll and there are a variety of aspects of sailing to interest everyone. The course is designed to get you sail comfortably on your own, gain confidence and is the first step towards becoming a proficient sailor. No prior sailing experience is required to enroll, however if you want to simply try sailing before enrolling, you can take the 90 minutes Introduction to Sailing Course first with Fair Winds.

Things To Know:

>> Only students of age 15 years and above are eligible to apply
>> Knowing how to swim is NOT mandatory to take this course
>> Buoyancy aid will be provided for safety
>> Class date and timings must be booked at least 2 days in advance

For more information, connect with Fair Winds Sailing School:

Phone: +91 9821035492


For more information on sailing schools click here: or SMS us on +91 9820673466 or

Some more interesting information on the benefits of Sailing:

Sailing Lessons: Lessons for Life

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