Cobra’s VHF with Bluetooth!

If you’ve ever dropped your cell overboard or watched it smash to bits on the deck, you’ll be interested in this solution from Cobra, Cobra MR HH475 FLT BT a floating handheld VHF with Bluetooth. You can synch your cell with the radio, then stow the phone safely away and answer your calls on the VHF, instead. The radio is waterproof (it even floats,) puts out six watts, monitors up to three channels at once, and runs on a 1500 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery. It also features Cobra’s exclusive Rewind-Say-Again digital voice recorder so you will never miss a VHF transmission.


  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Keep your cell phone safe and dry by pairing it to the radio
    • Rewind-Say-Again – Replay missed VHF calls
    • Floating – Never lose your radio. Floating design and orange core makes retrieving your radio easy if dropped overboard.
    • Noise Canceling Microphone – Blocks background noise for cleanerconversations
    • 6 Watt VHF – Select between 1, 3, and 6 Watts for short and long rangecommunication
    • USA, Canada & International Channels – Allows operation on any of the 3different channel maps established for these areas
    • All NOAA Channels – Instant access to national All Hazards and weatherinformation, 24 hours a day
    • Weather Alert – Alerts with an audible tone and visual alarm ifthreatening weather is nearby
    • BURP – Vibrates water out of the speaker grill and improves speakerperformance


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