Meet The Boat Builders Of India

The latest companies to come on-board India Yacht Page in the Boat Builders category are Ultramarine, Yuga Design and Bristol Boats. From traditional sailing boats to modern powerboats, for professional use or for pleasure, Ultramarine builds custom-made boats that cater to every single client requirement. Bristol Boats is a fiberglass boat manufacturer located in the backwaters of Cochin and has manufactured pleasure boats, work boats, patrol boats, and survey boats of sizes ranging from 9.5 feet to 68 feet. Design firm YUGA offers an eco-friendly solar-powered boat that can take a family of five on an idyllic water cruise. Says Gautam of YUGA Design, “Our boat travels at about 5 knots, which is about 9 km/hr. A family of five can have a quiet breakfast or lunch on the boat, travelling and enjoying the beautiful waters.”

View more information on these companies under the Boat Builders’ category:

We invite you to list your company if you have a business in boat manufacture:


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