Pre-Owned Boat Options Flood India’s Boat Market

With numerous options available in used boats, it really is a great time to pick up a yacht and explore the waters in India. There are so many different types on sale, you are sure to be spoilt for choice and find the boat you’ve been looking to own. Incase you had your eyes set on a particular brand or model a couple of years back, there’s a good chance of it being on the pre-owned boat market by now. Before you rush in, your reason for owning a boat, used or new, should be crystal clear. Some people buy boats because they’ve made the decision to get away with family and friends and go to places where landlubbers can’t go. Lakes, bays, rivers, sounds, harbors, islands, and even oceans are suddenly available for your exploration when you own a boat. Other people buy for the camaraderie– they want to join cruising clubs, yacht clubs, or fishing tournaments. Still others like to try their hands at recreational racing and high-performance boating. Whatever your reason for buying a boat, the first thing to be fully aware of is that you are making a ‘lifestyle’ choice. Your first step is to determine the type of boat that will suit your needs, and that is based on how you plan to use the boat. There are three main boating activities: cruising, fishing, and watersports and many boats can be used for two or even all three activities.

The next step is to decide if you want to buy a new or a used boat. Each has its pros and cons. Used boats may or may not still be covered under manufacturer’s warrantees, and they are sold by a) dealers (who’ve taken the used boat in on trade), b) brokers (who don’t own any boats, they just represent them for sale), or c) private individuals. You take a greater risk on the overall quality of a used boat than you do on a new boat since you don’t know the history of the boat, its maintenance, or whether it’s been involved in any type of accident or suffered damage. For this reason you will need to hire a marine surveyor to go over the boat carefully prior to purchase. The survey will reveal any anomalies with the boat, and let you know whether you’re getting a good boat at a good price or simply buying somebody else’s headache.

If you are good mechanically, have extra time on your hands, and enjoy projects, you’ll love having a used boat. If you simply can’t afford a new boat, but don’t have the time or skill to take on projects from time-to-time, then we recommend you buy a used boat that is simple as possible. The fewer systems a boat has. the fewer things there are to go wrong. For these reasons, we recommend you buy a new boat or a used boat less than three years old from a
reputable dealer. Depending on the type of boat and its accommodations, your boat may qualify as a “second
home” so you can take a tax deduction. Check with your tax advisor. If you’re buying a used boat, be
sure the asking price is in line with market prices.

For financing, your best bet is to go through a knowledgeable marine lender who specializes in boat loans. You will also need to insure your new boat, especially if you are financing it. Finally, you’ll need to register the boat with your State. Your dealer or finance company can usually assist you with these procedures at little or no cost.

Operating a powerboat is NOT like driving a car. Knowing how to handle wind, waves, tides, currents, weather, and other boat traffic are all factors that come into play for a safe day out on the water. Knowing the Rules of The Road is also critical, so before you head out for your first boat ride, take a course. Most states now require you to have at
minimum of a safe boating certificate which shows you have passed an approved boating course. The more you know, the safer you’ll be.

In sum, while buying a boat is less complicated than buying a home, it is still the 2nd largest investment most people make so you should consider your options carefully. Talk to dealers and take the finalists for a test drive. If you do, you are much more likely to buy the right boat at the right price and enjoy your new lifestyle for years to come. This info has been compiled from:



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