Learn To Sail Programs In India

Has the sport of sailing been on your mind? There are many sailing schools and clubs all over India that conduct training programs for adults and kids [above 15 years of age] in sailing. For kids under 15 years, sailing sessions and camps are conducted on weekends and holidays. While a member would get training benefits and sailing facilities, these companies and clubs ensure that even non- members get to experience boating to the fullest with a variety of courses and charters in sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and power boating. Two hours on the beautiful Harbour will help you determine if you want to make sailing a bigger part of your life. We suggest you take a two-hour skippered sail to get a glimpse of the sport, club and people. Learn some basic sailing concepts and get a real feel of the wind in your sails. Here’s introducing you to one of the best sailing schools with top quality boats and equipment. Their sailing programmes makes the learning experience safe, fun and easy!

Learning on J Boats: If you wish to experience a sailboat charter with family and friends, on the J24, contact us on the details given below. We also conduct coaching sessions. Hence if you are interested in learning how to sail, there’s no better boat to learn on! For J Boats in India, contact:

Sunil: +91 9820032699
Ayesha: +91 9930194695

ayeshalobo27@hotmail.com  lobosunil@hotmail.com

Learning how to sail with FAIRWINDS: “Fairwinds” is where you will learn all the ropes and how to handle a sailing boat in a most safe and seaman-like manner. Your sailing Instructor has a wealth of experience of thirty five odd years in long distance cruising, racing and teaching sailing to kids from the age of seven to senior citizens in their sweet seventies! For all your queries you can email cheerjee@gmail.com or call after office hours on +91 99202 35492.

As part of our mission is to get as many people out on the water as possible, sailing packages for the whole family are also offered. These not only provide the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, but they also teach you teamwork and communication. For kids under 15 an Optimist class is ideal, providing a platform to learn basic sailing skills that will last a lifetime. Students gain confidence, team building and leadership skills, and increased independence in a safe and fun environment. Young sailors are not only taught boat handling but racing as well.

For more information on clubs and schools connect with us on 9820673466 or email us at zinia@indiayachtpage.com

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