Discover Sailing In The Mumbai Harbor With L. Sails

While there are loads of things to do in Mumbai, when your friends and relatives visit, treat them to something that’s truly exceptional! A two hour sailing experience on the J80, an international class sailboat, is the best way to enjoy the Mumbai harbor as you sail over the calm waters of the Arabian Sea along the city coast. We chatted up with Ayesha and Sunil of L. Sails who offer various packages and sailing programs to those who want to discover sailing in the Mumbai harbor. Says Ayesha Lobo of L. Sails, “Definitely a must try! Sailing is an unbelievable experience for those who are completely new to it. You won’t stop thinking about it till you come again. It’s a great way to get away from the bustle of the city and spend a few quiet hours to feel relaxed and energized at the same time.” Sailing can be the world’s best family sport. The key is a boat that holds the attention and interest of many types of sailors, young and old! J/80 does it all, with thrilling 15 knot rides under spinnaker or relaxed sunset cruises with mainsail only. SAILING WORLD rated J/80 as easier to handle, less intimidating, safer and better suited for sailing offshore than other modern sport boats tested.

Some more pics of my own friends having (as you can evidently see) quite a blast on the J80 sailboat with Sunil Lobo:

The reaction we got from the folks who’ve lived the adventure is that they had an amazing time, felt safe and yet felt like they were free on the water. This is what they had to say!

>> The city’s view is breathtaking and it’s amazing to just be one with nature.

>> Celebrating a special occasion has never been more fun and memorable.

>> Expats say that it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with colleagues and friends.

“If you wish to experience sailing with family and friends, book the J24. Whether you are 12 or 80, whether you want to race, go day-sailing or cruising, there’s no better boat to try it out on than this 24 footer which is still one of the world’s most popular sailboats. We also conduct coaching sessions. Hence, if you are interested in learning how to sail, there’s no better boat to learn on!”, Sunil Lobo.

To discover sailing with L. Sails, contact:

Email id:
Tel:, 9930194695 / 9920886114 / 9820032699


For more info on J Boats in India, contact:

Sunil: +91 9820032699
Ayesha: +91 9930194695



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