The Beach Box In Mandwa Is The Official Weekend Hangout!

The Mandwa jetty has lots to keep you engrossed. You now don’t need to plan ahead for a vacation or head into Alibaug for a day at the beach. To escape the monotony of the city, just hop on to a ferry and drop by for a memorable evening by the sea. All that’s required is a 45 minute ride by ferry or a 20 minute ride by speed boat from the Gateway of India to arrive at a cool new space called the Beach Box. It’s right at the Mandwa jetty, next to the recently opened yet already famous restaurant, Boardwalk by Flamboyante.

The Beach Box is an amphitheatre, surrounded by 21 pop-up stores and eateries made within shipping containers, painted in vibrant colours. This place is absolutely quirky, creatively painted by hand, with nautical dècor elements that give it a fresh vibe. The concept of having retail and food stores inside shipping containers, spotted in Dubai, San Francisco and London has finally reached the shores of India. As of now, we’ve got Quick Gun Murrugun, Fat Box and Italian Crust, offering Gourmet Pizzas.  There will soon be one container dedicated to giving out cold beer by the tap. Shopping at their lovely boutique interior stores such as the Bayside Curio Store is a must. They house lifestyle products curated from shores across the globe. Parx by Raymond, also has an outlet here.

Don’t wish to shop? As the blazing afternoon rays fade into the evening, the Beach Box comes alive with performances, open mic events, amazing workshops, and lots more. Some of our events include the Bachata Dance workshop. This pleasurable dance workshop was conducted by the internationally renowned choreographer and dancer, Dhanashree Mehta who has been a part of Dance India Dance Supermoms and India’s got talent. Drum by the Beach, a workshop on drumming with scrap articles such as Bisleri cans witnessed a footfall of over 300 people. Express with Art, a workshop that teaches you to heal using the medium of art, was enjoyed by young and old alike. Two Left Feet have conducted some highly interesting dance workshops here.



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