The A-to-Z Of Owning A Sailboat With Anahita Cassinath

Does the sport of sailing fascinate you? Are you drawn to this beautiful recreation without having even experienced it? Do you dream of owning a sailboat one day and starting an adventure of a lifetime? Well my friend, all we have to say is that this ‘one day’ is not very far away. This is exactly what happened to Anahita Cassinath when, only six months back, she decided she loved the idea of being on the waters and wanted to sail out into the harbor on her own someday. Anahita was introduced to the sport via a sailing programme that was organised for school children last year in October. Anahita enjoyed her outings so much that she decided to take up sailing lessons soon after the programme concluded. She had barely completed a few sessions out in the harbour when she decided that she had to get herself her very own sailboat. Of course, taking up membership at the Colaba Sailing Club was the next step forward but she had already made up her mind on buying a sailboat. What’s really incredible about Anahita is that she felt passionate about something so instantly and strongly, she dived straight into it – no fear, no stress!

“I had always felt tied down to the daily grind with other priorities and commitments. But now that I had a lot more of ‘me time’ I decided I was going to indulge myself completely into pursuing something brand new, something that was absolutely thrilling, positive and liberating! Sailing had to be it.” Enrolling for sailing lessons or taking up a club membership with the Colaba Sailing Club is far simpler now and, no, it won’t burn a big hole in your pocket. So is buying a sailboat. Anahita opted for an Indian make, the Seabird XS63, manufactured by XS Marines. XS Marines suggested she sail one of their Seabird XS63s or the retrofitted version for a unique sailing experience. In addition, Anahita was invited to visit their yard and see how they built their boats. After taking everything into consideration, including efficient after-sales : off season storage / maintenance plan for the Mumbai sailor, Anahita was ready to begin her adventure. She would visit the yard every 2 weeks and was excited to be a part of the boat building process.

XS Marines’ comprehensive purchase and after sales services package offers:

  1. Removal and closing the boat for the monsoon months.
  2. Storage during monsoon i.e. for 4 months – first monsoon free. Subsequent years on chargeable basis.
  3. Pre launching – cleaning, repairs to damages to the boat, polishing,supply and painting of anti-fouling.
  4. Launching of boat.

The XS63 was built within two months and launched in the first week of April. Anahita books a motorboat to take her guests from the jetty to the mooring through her membership with the Colaba Sailing Club. She has sailed to destinations within the harbor like Mandwa and the Elephanta caves and has also participated in a boat race. Such a lot in six months… simply incredible we say! Anahita does hope that the government takes incentive in establishing more destinations to sail to in close proximity. Small berthing facilities and jetties for safe disembarkation along the coast with basic amenities is definitely on her wishlist.

Anahita has a simple message for the reader who is totally new to sailing and wants to get into this enticing recreation – “Just go for it!” A very important thought, because it is only in this moment that you will find the courage to put everything aside and just do it. Buy the boat. Learn to sail it. No fear. No stress. A life full of adventure awaits you.



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