Sailing Lessons: Lessons for Life!

There are various sports, hobbies and other recreational activities parents urge their children to take up. These play a vital role in their personality and overall development. Are you on the lookout for an activity that would offer your child the complete package deal?

Inculcate in him various qualities, teach him self reliance and resilience and of course get creative too? Enrolling your child for sailing lessons is your best answer…
Sailing is not just a sport. It can be enjoyed as a recreational activity as well. When it comes to sailing, tact takes over speed. It does not matter who reaches point A to point B fastest, but who reaches from point A to point B to the best of their yacht’s handicap.

Temperament is a set of in-born traits that organize the child’s approach to the world. They are instrumental in the development of the child’s distinct personality. These traits also determine how the child goes about learning about the world around him. Sailing is all about self growth. It is particularly helpful for children with learning disabilities and inconsistent behavior patterns.

I often hear about today’s kids being ADD, hyperactive or socially inept. Leave the Ritalin, play therapy & peer pressure behind & introduce them to sailing. They will seek their own pace and meet their own objectives. Sailing provides many challenges, great contentment and teaches the value of self discipline.

Yachting and Child Development:

Learning to sail builds self-esteem (it’s not easy).
Sailing is teamwork and individual achievement.
Sailing can motivate children to achieve their goals.
Sailing teaches children about the marine resources of their community.
Sailing teaches an awareness of safety.
Sailing can be a lifelong pleasure — for everyone.

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