Bored On A Weekend? Presenting To You The Mumbai Harbor

After a tough week at work I wish all I could do is head to Goa for some fun in the sun, water sports, the beach and chilled beer over the weekend. Yes, I’d love to live the life of a beach bum, but if only Goa was 20 minutes away! So I look at the other options I have. ..

Going to the movies sounds good but I’d like to do more than just sit around in an air conditioned darkened hall. Going to the mountains sounds adventurous but who wants to drive there and back or travel in smelly trains. Shopping’s another great idea. With gigantic malls springing up with the best of lifestyle brands from the world over, just window shopping can be an enlightening experience. Excellent for the calf muscles as well! Who knows, if you are in the mood to treat yourself it can be enormously
refreshing for the body, mind and soul. But there’s one snag…. Our guy friends beg to differ. So I find myself caught in the same dilemma once more, the weekends coming up… what’s the program? If I could just get out of this city and be right back in a jiffy, wouldn’t that be great! If only Goa or someplace like it was 20 minutes away….

With me so far? Wondering the same thing? Well, do I have news for you!

Pack a change of clothes, a towel, some sun-tan lotion, a cap and shades, for come Saturday, it’s time to hop onto a boat to experience some of the best weekends of your life! Whether it’s go in the morning and get back on the same day (7am – 7pm), or stay overnight away from the city, Mandwa – Alibaug is, your best weekend destination!

In just Rs. 200/- (return ticket) you can catch a ferry from the Gateway of India that drops you off at the Mandwa Jetty. The Ferry takes about an hour but no worries, there is an air conditioned cabin on the upper deck to keep you cool and you don’t even need that in these months as once you are out in the open sea the winds are great and seagulls keep you company and entertained throughout the journey. Many people take the ride just to get some interesting photography going. The birds come flocking alongside the big boat as excited children fling crumbs at them to watch them dive in for the catch before hitting the water.

If you want to travel in style and actually reach Mandwa in 20 minutes, then charter a speedboat at Rs.1000/- per person, minimum 8 persons. Now that’s definitely affordable luxury! The waiting charges are Rs.500 per hour if you plan to come back on the same day. The experience is one of a kind… The way the air hits you when the boat catches speed is simply mind blowing and will also blow your stress away in no time. There will be a smile plastered on your face for those entire 20 minutes and that’s a guarantee! Companies like Yacht Charters India, West Coast Marine and Oceanstyle India offer all kinds of luxury yachts and speedboats for hire and you can find them on Companies
listed on under the ‘Charters’ Tab offer special rates on bulk bookings and international charters as well.

So what do you do once you get off your boat at the Mandwa Jetty?

Welcome my friends to the Goa of Maharashtra! Pioneer Adventure Sports is located just off the jetty on the right hand side. Pioneer Adventure Sports offers all water sports, games and rides like Jet Skis, Kayaking, Banana boat rides, Bumper float rides, Fishing Trips, Island Trips and many more. Their timings are from morning 8.30am to 7 pm. They will even arrange tents for you to spend the day on the beach.

Their minimum package starts at Rs. 1000 for a jet-ski ride, a banana boat ride or the bumper float ride and 20 minutes of kayaking lessons. Meals are available at resorts which are a walking distance away from the beach or 5 minutes by rickshaw. Holiday resorts like My Farm, Countryside Farm & Sri Resort
are very close to the jetty. They are little farm homes with very comfortable and clean accommodation with AC rooms and gardens beautifully maintained, a country lover’s paradise. Well shaded with trees and foliage, you will be out of the sun in cool and pleasant surroundings. Perfect to put your feet up and relax, these quaint hotels offer the best deals! They offer packages for a single day’s stay and also a day and night package. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included and the rates are as little at Rs.600/- going up to Rs. 3600/- for a room per day with a meal.

For a really wonderful experience, stay overnight and experience the thrill of watching dolphins in the wild while you kayak… Dolphins appear in the early mornings and around sun down, when it is not too hot and the sun is low. The best time to see a lot of them is the hour or so just before dark. Nothing is better for the mind than being on the open water, powering yourself through the waters of the Arabian sea. Couch potatoes to serious competitors are invited to join in the fun as kayakers of all levels are encouraged towards greater health, increased energy and full body fitness. Ocean kayaking is an extremely admired sport. It is the best alternative to surfboarding! Once you are away from the noise
and pollution of the city a new wave of energy engulfs you! You will surely want to invest in a kayak or a sailboat or even a speedboat instead of wheels after this experience. The sparkling ocean with the cool breeze will occupy your mind forever.

There is always something to do once you step foot in Mandwa!

Stay tuned for our next article that speaks of the 10 things to do on a beach! This article will also carry information about boat club memberships in and around Mumbai.

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