Pontoon Boats – Ideal For Family Outings On The Backwaters!

Pontoon boats, widely known as party boats are perfect for a boat party or yacht charters along backwaters as they are large on space and easy on speed. Pontoon boats are great for sight-seeing, people can sit back, relax and have a great time on the water. Some pontoon boats are built with extra tubes i.e. pontoons so that their speed increases so that they can be used for water skiing and other water sports like wake boarding. Pontoon boats are used on a large scale for fishing by local fishermen. These boats are built by the manufacturers with in-built buckets, rod holders etc. Pontoon boats can be accessorized to a large extent with everything from armchairs to beds and from music systems to barbecue grills, etc.

A pontoon is basically a device which is used for floatation. It has enough buoyancy to float itself and a heavy weight. A pontoon boat is flattish in structure. Common boat designs are a catamaran with two pontoons, or a trimaran with three. They basically run on electricity-driven motors. Pontoon boats have reduced risk of running aground and underwater damage. Pontoon boats are generally lightweight and powered by an outboard motor with a range from 10 to 300 horsepower. Due to their construction, pontoon boats should only be operated in calm, protected waters such as lakes and slow moving rivers. The pontoon boats in India can be used in rivers for transportation purposes from one bank to the other. In Africa, they are used to ferry across the Zambezi River and pontoon boats are used widely in Mexico for fishing.

If you own property alongside the backwaters or a waterfront, a pontoon boat makes for great family outings!

Article Compiled by Ankita Kulkarni

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