The Yacht Week – Boutique Floating Festivals


Welcome to the week of your life! Sail, party and live on a yacht with your friends and hundreds of other Yacht Weekers. The Yacht Week aims at making yachting accessible for everyone! Taking yacht charters and flotillas to another level, the Yacht Week is all about sailing and fun and they aim to provide the best week for every guest. Join them for 2018 in the Mediterranean. The Yacht Week offers a series of boutique floating festivals set in 5 destinations around the world:
1. Croatia, Original Route
2. Greece, Athens Route
3. Italy, Sicily Route
4. Croatia, Ultra Festival Route
5. Montenegro, Adriatic Route

A simplified step-by-step guide to booking includes
1. Decide on your destination
2. Select your dates
3. Choose your yacht
4. Recruit your crew
5. Pay & sail away!

All their events are 7 days long and typically start and end on a Saturday. Almost every day you’ll be sailing to somewhere new.

Their vision is to create extraordinary experiences that spread joy, spark an appreciation for our planet, and inspire curious people to become part of our global family. Nothing describes a venture like a testimonial or a short review and here’s what’s being said about The Yacht Week:

“There’s a lot more to The Yacht Week than just…24 hour partying. From discovering secret caves in Montenegro, to sea side yoga in Croatia… get ready to start ticking things off your bucket list.” – INSTYLE

“Perhaps you’ve heard about this thing called The Yacht Week, an exclusive seven-day, spring break-like flotilla for kind-of grownups that involves sailboats, exotic locales, and hard-partying young people from around the world.” – THRILLIST

There’s no such thing as a typical week. But every week includes sunshine, good vibes, new friends, raft parties, local flavours and hidden gems suggested by our brilliant skippers.” – THE TAB

“With new destinations to explore each day, constant ocean views, and sunny skies, The Yacht Week promises an exhilarating offshore experience.” – SUITCASE

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