Welcome To The Floating Log Hut Resort, Tehri Lake, Uttarakhand

Team West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt Ltd is proud to be associated with the “Floating Log Hut Resort” in Tehri Lake, Uttarakhand, India. The only one of its kind of property in India, this resort is anchored in the beautiful Tehri lake which is at an elevation of 5500 feet above main sea level, surrounded by the breathtaking Himalayan mountain range. The free standing resort consists of twenty huts and two service huts with a floating cafeteria. Built with a log hut theme in mind, the entire resort moves with changing water levels. The project marks one more exceptional achievement for the team at West Coast Marine Yacht Services, India.


Tehri is an administrative seat of the Tehri Garhwal district and is rapidly developing into a major tourist destination with great potential for tourism and the hospitality industry. The Tehri Dam, an engineering marvel, and one of the world’s largest hydroelectric project, is the pride of Tehri. The dam harnesses water of two important Himalayan rivers- Bhagirathi and Bhilangana. Uttarakhand is not only considered the Land of the Gods but also the Land of Rivers and Mountains. Tehri was a small town situated on the confluence of Bhagirathi and Bhilangna Rivers in Uttarakhand, which was submerged in the water to create a large catchment area and in this way the town of Old Tehri became the Tehri Lake, Asia’s largest man made lake. The town of Tehri was evacuated to make space for the Tehri dam and the population  shifted to the town of New Tehri.

Every year Uttarakhand Tourism organizes the Tehri Lake Festival where one can find non-stop outdoor action blended with unspoiled nature! The much anticipated 3 day water sports and cultural event takes place in May at the Tehri Lake, Uttarakhand. One can indulge in boating, jet-skiing, banana rides, water skiing, surfing, canoeing, river-rafting, paragliding, kayaking and many more adventure sports in and around the lake. If you are not an adrenaline junkie, sit back, relax and watch the adventure experts showcasing their aerial skills, bollywood artists giving electrifying performances and explore the trade, tourism and cultural aspects of Tehri.

Tourist can easily reach Tehri via Delhi or Dehradun and Haridwar. Buses, private cabs and taxi are the best way to reach Tehri.



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  1. Aashish Maggo says:


    Kindly help in knowing the possible ways we can book an accomodation in floating hut.


  2. Nidhi says:

    Booking procedure


  3. komal shah says:

    what is the tariff of the huts???


  4. Charan Tej says:

    Hi, we want to stay here for 3nights. Please contact me (7013209016)


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