IndiaYachtPage.com aims to bring the entire Boating Industry in India on One Page.

IndiaYachtPage.com has been active since the 2009-2010 boating season in India and was built to promote brands and services in boating and push sailing as a sport and recreation. IndiaYachtPage.com is equipped to fill in all voids in terms of information. You will find the latest on what’s happening in the world of leisure boating and freely connect with those who offer various yachting related activities, products and services in India.

IndiaYachtPage.com is the quintessential online platform that benefits listed / member companies. We offer annual packages in content creation to promote a member company by posting articles specific to them through the year. This enables better online visibility and results in business leads. An interested visitor can contact the companies listed on our website directly, hence generating inquiries and maintaining complete transparency. Visitors to our website include potential buyers, charterers, media, sailors, club members, boat owners, Indian companies in the boating industry and international companies who are looking to set up shop within India’s boating industry.


Become a part of IndiaYachtPage.com, a global window to year-round business opportunities.

We CONNECT buyers & sellers and PROMOTE a positive lifestyle trend – BOATING!

Vision & Mission Statement:

  • To accelerate the growth of India’s Boating Industry.
  • To promote the sport of Sailing.
  • To promote the lifestyle trend of Yachting.
  • To encourage a positive culture and mindset towards activities that enhance the quality of living.
  • To provide information and create awareness of boating in India.
  • To conduct visitor surveys, collect participant feedback, cover boat brands & other market news at Boat Shows and other such events. Review the show.
  • To create a neutral platform where companies come together for business opportunities the year round.

Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. TV, Radio and Print are now mere modalities of the online experience. Information in its various flavors is all about packaging! Cost Effective, Far Reaching and Fast Connecting; comparing online marketing and promotions to any other medium shows a clear advantage for those who embrace and master this terrain.

Email us at zinia@indiayachtpage.com or call/SMS/whatsapp +919820673466 for further communication. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day!


Zinia JC
Founder, http://www.IndiaYachtPage.com


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